II. Pennsylvania Public Documents

Auditor General. Annual Reports on Finances, 1809-

Board of Commissioners of Public Charities. Annual Reports, 1869-

Bureau of Statistics. Annual Reports, 1-2. 1872-3,1873-4.

Charitable Institutions of Pennsylvania Which Have Received State Aid in 1897 and 1898, Embracing Their History and The Amount of State Appropriations Which They Received. Compiled under an act of the General Assembly approved July 27, 1897, by A. K. Pedrick . . . direction of A. H. Mylin, Auditor General. Harrisburg, 1898.

Charitable Institutions. Report of Investigations, Findings and Recommendations of the Legislative Commission to Investigate the Various Charitable Institutions of the State of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg, 1907.

Compendium And Brief History of Taxation in Pennsylvania. Compiled by W. P. Snyder, Auditor General. Harrisburg, 1906.

Constitutional Convention of 1837-38. Proceedings and Debates of The Convention of The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to Propose Amendments to the Constitution, (1837-38), 14 vols. Reported by John Agg, stenographer to the Convention. Harrisburg 1837-1839.

Constitutional Convention of 1872-73. Debates of The Convention to Amend the Constitution of Pennsylvania, (1872-73). 9 vols. Harrisburg, 1873.

Corporation and Revenue Laws. Report of The Joint Committee of The Senate and House of Representatives of The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Consider and Report Upon a Revision of The Corporation and Revenue Laws of The Commonwealth. Harrisburg, (1913?)

Education. Report on The Subject of Education In the Senate. (Committee of 1822) Harrisburg, 1822.

Education. Report of The Joint Committee of The Two Houses of The Pennsylvania Legislature, on the Subject of A System of General Education. Harrisburg, 1834.

Executive Documents, 1843-1885-6.

House of Refuge. Annual Reports of The Board of Managers, 1828-.

House of Representatives. Journal of The House of Representatives, 1790-.

Insane. Report of the Commission to Inquire Into Conditions of the Insane Within Hospitals. Harrisburg (1902?)

Legislative Documents, 1854-1885-6. (Official reports made to the legislature.)

Legislative Journal, 1854-. (A detailed and usually stenographic report of the proceedings and debates of the two houses of the legislature. Title varies.)

Official Documents, 1886-7.

Pennsylvania Archives. First Series, 12 vols. Colonial Records. Harrisburg, 1852-56.

------------------ Fourth Series, 12 vols. (Papers of the Governors, 1681-1902). Edited by George Edward Reed under the direction of W. W. Griest, Secretary of The Commonwealth. Harrisburg 1900-1902.

Pennsylvania Dependents. Report and Recommendations of The State Dependents Commission. Harrisburg, 1915.

Pennsylvania Institution for The Instruction of The Blind. Reports, 1834.

Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. Reports, 1822-.

Pennsylvania Training School for Feeble-Minded Children. Reports of Directors and Superintendent, 1853-.

Poor Laws. General Report of The Commissioners Appointed to Revise And Codify The Laws Relating to The Relief, Care and Maintenance of The Poor in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg, 1890.

Association of Directors of The Poor of Pennsylvania. Reports, 1878-.

Register General. Reports, 1790-1808.

Revenue Commission Appointed by Act of the Legislature of Pennsylvania, Mar. 25, 1889. Report. Harrisburg, 1890.

Senate. Journal of The Senate, 1790-.

State Board of Education, Department of Public Instruction, Bureau of Vocational Education. The Pennsylvania Child Labor Act and Continuation Schools. Harrisburg, 1915.

State College. Reports, 1869-.

State Highway Department. Reports, 1906-.

State Treasurer. Annual Reports, 1791-.

Supreme Executive Council. Minutes of The Supreme Executive Council, 1777-1790. Published in Pennsylvania Colonial Records, vols. 11 to 15 inclusive. Harrisburg, 1852-1853.

Superintendent of Common Schools. Annual Reports, 1835-1874.

Superintendent of Public Instruction. Department of Public Instruction. Annual Reports, 1875-.

III. Pennsylvania Laws Charter to William Penn, and Laws of The Province of Pennsylvania, 1682-1700. Harrisburg, 1879.

Statutes At Large of Pennsylvania from 1682-1801, Compiled under The Authority of An Act of May 19,1887.

Session Laws 1801-1825. Acts of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1801-1825. (Published by authority by different printers. Cited in this essay as P.L.) Laws of Pennsylvania, 1825-. (Cited as P.L.)

IV. United States Public Documents

American State Papers. Finance, Vol. I. Secretary Wolcott's Report on Direct Taxes. Pp. 415-463.

Statement in Relation To Foreign and Domestic Debt. Feb. 24, 1794. (By The Secretary of The Treasury.)

Tenth Census. Report on Valuation, Taxation, and Public Indebtedness in ТЫ United Stales as Returned at the Tenth Census. Washington, 1884.

Thirteenth Census. Wealth, Debt and Taxation, (1913), 2 vols. Washington, 1915.

V. Magazines and Newspapers Cited Without Reference to Author Hazard's Register of Pennsylvania, Vols. I-XVI, 1828-1835. Philadelphia, 1828-1835. Lancaster Morning News. Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Grange News.

Chambersburg, 1904-1908, 1909-,

Huntingdon, 1908-1909. Pittsburgh Dispatch, Philadelphia Inquirer.

The [Philadelphia] North American.

Philadelphia Record.

The [Philadelphia] Press.

The [Philadelphia] Public Ledger.