Question 4.— Has a bank a right, without special instructions, to charge to the customer's account at maturity, a note or acceptance which he has made payable at the bank? Is such a note or acceptance to be regarded as an order on the bank to pay the same?

(2) Would your answer apply to past due notes or acceptances ?

Answer.—A customer who makes his acceptances payable at a bank thereby authorizes the bank to pay the same at maturity, but it is clear that such an acceptance only gives authority to pay, and does not impose a duty.

Duty to pay a customer's acceptances for which sufficient funds are not at hand might, however, arise out of the course of dealing between him and the bank.

(2) The bank should not pay an overdue acceptance without instructions from the acceptor. His relations to the other parties on the bill may be completely changed by its being overdue.

(Note.—It has been said that in the Province of Quebec a customer's note cannot be charged to his account except with his special authority, and above answer is without reference to that province.)