Question 105.— What are the principal publications bearing on the law of banking in Canada, and giving legal decisions, etc.?

Answer.—The only Canadian book on banking law is Maelaren's Commentary on the Bank Act (see the advertisement of The Carswell Company in the Journal). On the general subject of banking there is the English publication, " Grant's Law of Bankers and Banking Companies."

On cognate subjects Maelaren's " Bills of Exchange Act, 1890" (Canada), Chalmers' "Bills of Exchange, Notes and Cheques" (English), and " Byles on Bills," are standard publications. Any of these can be obtained through The Cars-well Company. Chalmers' is an excellent book, as it discusses the clauses of the Bills of Exchange Act seriatim, with general matter in addition, but it has to be read with a careful eye to the two or three points where our Act differs from the English Act.