Question 18.— Has the drawee of a bill, payable at or after sight, the right to antedate his acceptance, and if he does so, can the holder treat the bill as dishonoured and protest it?

Answer.—We do not think that there is any room for doubt on this point. An acceptance is qualified and discharges the prior parties, if it varies the effect of the bill as drawn. An order to pay at sight or at a given number of days after sight, would not, it seems to us, be complied with if the acceptor undertook to pay the amount at some other time, and we think the holder should refuse such an acceptance. If it were proper for a drawee to antedate his acceptance a single day, there is no logical reason why he should not antedate it a month or two months, and in the case of a draft drawn say at 60 days after sight, he might make the acceptance mature immediately—a most decided variation of the terms of the bill.