Question 299.— "A" of Halifax draws on "B" of St. John in favour of Bank " R " for $100, payable 30 days after date. Bank " R " discounts the bill for "A" and after placing on it the following stamped endorsement, viz.: " Pay to the order of any bank or banker for the bank of ' R,' Smith, Manager," forwards the bill to Bank " Z " for collection. The collecting bank " Z " of St. John obtains acceptance of the bill and at maturity returns it to the bank " R " dishonoured for non-payment. Bank "R" erases the above endorsement and recollects the amount from "A." Can "A" sue " B " on the bill without further endorsement of Bank " R " ?

The bill was for value.

Answer.—The bill should be endorsed by the bank back to "A" without recourse.