Question 404.— Does the word " Mrs.," placed before a woman's signature as an endorsement; invalidate it in any way?

Answer.—No. The sole question in all cases is that of identity, and assuming that the name with " Mrs." prefixed is written by the payee of the cheque, the endorsement is valid.

Question 405.— Is it essential under the provisions of the Ontario Act to make better provision for the keeping and auditing of municipal and school accounts, that the treasurer of a municipality should keep the municipal account at a chartered bank; and is it obligatory on his part to pass all transactions through the account?

Answer.—The Ontario Statute respecting Municipal and School Accounts (60 Vict. cap. 48), recognizes, by section 20, the deposit of municipal funds in chartered banks, private banks and companies.

We are not aware that there is any legislation making it obligatory on the part of the treasurer to pass all transactions through the bank account.