Transferred elsewhere—Presentment.

Question 439.— A note is payable at a branch of a bank at A., but after the making and before it is due, the branch at A. is closed and the books and business are transferred to B., at the branch of the same hank there, and the makers and endorsers know this. Presentation is made at the branch at B., and not to the makers and endorsers personally. Is this good, and, if so, how should notice of dishonour be worded to suit change?

Answer.—Such a presentation is not good. Note Payable at Payee's Office—Death of Payee.

Question 440.— A note is made to read as follows: "I promise to pay AB or order at his office, etc." AB endorses the note and has it discounted. Before it is due AB dies and his office is closed up. Where must the note be presented for payment in order to hold AB's estate on his endorsement ?

Answer.—The note must be presented at AB's former office, and if refused or there is no one there to answer, it should be protested. See sec. 45, sub-sec. 3.