Place of Payment.

Question 493.— In making drafts on their customers it is the habit of some houses to provide a blank acceptance on the draft, naming the place of payment, ready to be signed by the drawee.

(1)   Is this form for the acceptance of integral part of the bill or is it to be regarded as placed there for the drawee's convenience, subject to alteration by him if the place of payment is not to his liking, or to be ignored if he thinks fit ?

(2)   A draft on "AB, 145 C Street, Montreal," has across the end the following:

Accepted payable at the

Bank of A, Montreal.

5th May, 1898.


The drawee writes an independent acceptance below this form as follows:

Accepted, 5th May, 1898, AB. Would this bill be payable at the bank of A or at 145 C Street?

Answer.— (1) We think the form for the acceptance cannot be considered an integral part of the bill, and that it may be altered or ignored by the drawee.

(2) We think that as the drawee was not bound by the form for acceptance described in this case, and as he clearly ignored it, and showed by his act that he was giving a separate and independent acceptance, the terms of the latter must govern. The bill would therefore be payable at the address given.