Question 496.— A Miss Smith has a store. She marries, and the day before her marriage she gives a power of attorney, witnessed by an unmarried woman only, to her sister, Miss M. Smith.

The store will be carried on in Miss Smith's name by her sister Miss M. Smith. Acceptances come on Miss Smith as usual, and are accepted under the power of attorney by Miss M. Smith. The firm is registered in the old name I believe.

Does this in any way affect her banker or the other bank which presents acceptances?

Answer.—We presume the statement that the firm is registered in the old name is an error; there being no firm, but simply one person carrying on business, no registration is necessary. As to the main point, the marriage of Miss Smith does not rescind the power of attorney, and if she chooses to carry on business in her maiden name, she is quite free to do so. The liability is her liability, and the only question involved is one of identification.