Question 88.— Would "—— months and a half after date " be a good bill?

Answer.—There have been no judicial decisions as to

the effect of an order for the payment of money at "------ months and a half " after date or sight, and we find it somewhat difficult to form an opinion in the matter. Should a case come before the courts they might decide that a half month should be taken to mean some arbitrary period, such as 14 days. We think, however, that each case would have to be judged on its own merits, and that if the half month which the document covered was determinable, it would be a bill of exchange; but if not, then it would not he a bill of exchange, one of the essential features of which is that it is payable at " a fixed future time."

As an example take a bill dated 10th January, payable three and one-half months after date. This, we think, would be due on 25th April, 15 days being clearly one-half of the month of April. If the bill were dated 25th January it would be impossible to say what the half month would be.