In New York a state bank desiring to become a trust company must call a meeting of its stockholders, giving them due notice twenty days in advance. If holders of two-thirds of the capital stock agree at the meeting, the bank may be converted. A resolution must be adopted at the meeting directing that not less than thirteen nor more than thirty stockholders of the bank be designated by name to execute an organization certificate to meet the legal requirements. All persons named in the resolution are required to subscribe and acknowledge the organization certificate and attach to it copies of the minutes of the meeting, verified by the president and secretary of the meeting. Duplicates of affidavits of service of notice and of the organization certificate are sent to the Superintendent of Banks, who, upon approval, indorses the certificate permitting the trust company to commence business when the capital stock has been paid up and the required securities deposited. When the corporate existence of a trust company begins, all the property of the state bank immediately becomes the property of the trust company without conveyance or transfer.