The application blank should be accompanied by a draft for $100, payable to the order of the Comptroller, to cover the expense of investigation. Owing to the number of banks organized by professional promoters, and by rival interests, for spite or other reasons, it is the policy of the Comptroller to refer applications to the chief national bank examiner, with instructions to detail an examiner to make an investigation. In making this examination the examiner is instructed to give full consideration to all factors entering into the matter. Specifically he is to consider the adequacy of the existing banking facilities and the need of further banking capital, the methods and banking practices of the existing bank or banks, the interest rates which they charge to customers, the character of the service which as quasi-public institutions they are rendering to their community, the outlook for the growth and development of the city, the general character and experience of the organizers and of the proposed officers of the new bank, and the reasonable prospects for its success if it is efficiently managed. If protest should be made against the organization of the bank, the examiner is most careful to listen to argument on both sides. In addition to the report from the examiner, the Comptroller obtains a report from the federal reserve bank of the district, another from the state banking department, and others from such additional sources as he may deem advisable.

If the application is granted, the Comptroller forwards to the incorporators the following organization blanks: articles of association, organization certificate, oaths of directors, signatures of officers, by-laws, certificate as to payment of capital stock, and order for circulation.