The law authorizes the extension of the charter of a national bank whose term is about to expire. For such extension the written consent of shareholders owning at least two-thirds of the capital stock is required, at any time within two years prior to the expiration of the existing charter. Consent may be given in person or by proxy, on special forms furnished by the Comptroller, and it is not necessary to call a shareholders' meeting for the purpose. When the requisite number have signed, the directors should hold a meeting and adopt a resolution directing the officers to certify the fact to the Comptroller. The amendment, with the appended certificate and the request for approval, should be sent to the Comptroller at least two months prior to the expiration of the charter so as to allow sufficient time for the making of the special examination required by law. The expense of this examination must be borne by the bank. If the Comptroller finds the bank in satisfactory condition, he will issue a certificate of extension. The law requires that the bank notes issued after the bank begins its new term shall bear different devices from those issued before. This necessitates the procuring of new plates, which are prepared at the expense of the bank. No transfer of bonds is necessary. The new notes are issued as the old ones are received for redemption.