The whole system is supervised and controlled by the Federal Farm Loan Board, composed of the Secretary of the Treasury and four other members appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. It is a non-partizan board and representative of the whole country. The members are appointed for 8 years, the chief member being known as the "Farm Loan Commissioner." The board appoints in each district a farm loan registrar, land bank appraisers, and land bank examiners, thereby concentrating power, responsibility, and control in the board. The law provides that the expenses of the board and of these appointees shall be paid by the United States, but the system is now so well established and in such financial condition that, in the judgment of the board, concurred in by the officers of the banks, the payment of its expenses by the government is no longer necessary or desirable. The board has accordingly recommended that its expenses for 1921 be assessed against the federal land banks and joint-stock land banks in proportion to their gross assets.