The law provides that no change shall be made in the charter of a national bank by which the rights, remedies, or security of the existing creditors of the bank will be impaired. This, by implication, authorizes amendments not contravening the rights of creditors. Such amendments require authorization by vote of shareholders owning not less than two-thirds of the stock, at a special meeting for the purpose. The law specifically provides for amendments of the charter changing the corporate title, location of the bank, increase or reduction of the capital stock, consolidation, and extension of corporate existence. These amendments require the written consent of shareholders owning two-thirds of the stock. Clauses are sometimes put in the charter authorizing amendment, in any respect not conflicting with law, by a majority stock vote. When any changes are contemplated it is best that the proposition to amend be submitted to the Comptroller in advance of action by the stockholders for his approval and specific instructions.