1. The Authorities Division handles signatures, stop-payments, examination of checks, discount resolutions, and extracts from bylaws and resolutions of customers.

2. The Paying Division (Paying Teller) handles the payment of checks and orders, the settlement of clearing house balances, and certifications.

3. The Shipping Division handles the shipment of funds from the bank by registered mail or express.

4. The Codes and Tests Division prepares and keeps codes and makes tests for telegraph and cable uses.

5. The Wire Transfer Division attends to the transfer of funds by cable and telegraph, as well as letters of advice, and officers' checks.

6. The Incoming Mail Division Receives And Credits The Cash Letters.

7. The Receiving Division (Receiving Teller) receives the cash deposits over the counter and the currency shipments by express and registered mail.

8. The Money Division sorts and counts the money received from all sources, and has the mutilated money redeemed.

9. The Coin And Bullion Division Handles The Coin And Bullion.

10. To another Division are allocated the applications for federal reserve notes, the redemption accounts for federal reserve notes and federal reserve bank notes, the account of the bank with the United States government, the gold settlement fund, and the care and determination of the reserve position.