In connection with the monthly return to the government each branch forwards to its head office a complete financial statement of its affairs at the close of business on the last day of the month. This is obtained from the general ledger, and a copy of the statement is made on a book called the general statement book. The general ledger is also balanced weekly, say, on the 8th, 15th and

To The


Please receive herewith the following Bills for collection, and as collateral security for the payment of all present and future debts and liabilities of whatsoever nature to the Bank, I/We hereby waive demand notice and protest on the bills mentioned; should any of the same be refused acceptance on presentation, the claims upon the drawees are hereby transferred to the Bank as fully and effectually as if each of the said bills were accepted. Said Bank shall not be held responsible for the conduct, default or negligence of the party or parties to whom such notes or bills may be transferred for collection.

Yours truly,





Banking Town

Date of Remittance



Due Date


Figure 28

23rd of each month, and a statement sent to the head office either in exact form or in even thousands, the latter method being sufficiently close for all general purposes.