This book is a valuable adjunct to the discount register and an excellent form is shown in Figure 8. In this book are entered the net total proceeds of the discounts to be credited to the various customers, also the amount of interest and exchange collected. If more than one deposit ledger is used, a column is provided for each ledger. These entries are made from the discount deposit slips or lists which are then passed on to the ledger-keeper who posts the net proceeds to the credit of the various customers in the ledger, marking the abbreviation "disct" opposite each entry.

In the case of casual or transient notes discounted for customers who have no deposit accounts, a special form of receipt is used which, when signed by the ob-ligant, is cashed by the teller and charged to an account called "petty discounts" in the deposit ledger. The offsetting credits are entered in detail in the last column of the blotter, extended at the end of the day into the ledger column and posted in one amount to the account.

When the day's work is balanced, the interest, exchange, and ledger columns will agree with the total of the loans and trade bills in the discount register. The total for the deposit ledger is included in the total of the supplementary cash book for the day, and the balancing entries are passed thru the general cash book.

The entries in the blotter are called off with the deposit ledger daily.