1. The business of the annual general meeting shall be to receive and consider the statement of receipts and disbursements, the balance sheet, and the report of the secretary, and of the auditors, to elect through the representatives or proxies of the members of the Association from among the chief executive officers (as defined by charter of incorporation) of the said members a president, four vice-presidents, and seventeen councillors, all of whom shall hold office until the next annual general meeting, or until their successors are appointed. Honorary presidents of the association, not exceeeding four in number, may also be elected who shall hold office until the next annual general meeting after their election.

At any annual general meeting of the association any business may be transacted.

2. At any special general meeting of the association only such business shall be transacted as is mentioned in the notice calling such special general meeting.

3. At any annual or special general meeting seven persons personally present and duly representing members of the association shall be a quorum for the choice of a chairman, and the adjournment of the meeting. No business shall be transacted at any general meeting unless the quorum requisite be present at the commencement of the business.

4. If within half an hour from the time appointed for the meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting, if convened upon requisition as aforesaid, shall be dissolved; but in any other case it shall stand adjourned to the same day in the next week, at the same time and place, and if at such adjourned meeting a quorum is not present, it shall be adjourned sine die.

5. Every question submitted to a meeting shall be decided, in the first instance, by a show of hands, and in the case of an equality of votes the chairman shall, both on show of hands and at the poll, have a casting vote in addition to the vote or votes to which he may be entitled as a chief executive officer of a member.

6. At any meeting, unless a poll is demanded by the chairman or by at least five executive officers, a declaration by the chairman that a resolution has been carried, or carried by a particular majority, or lost, or not carried by a particular majority, and an entry to that effect in the book of proceedings of the association shall be conclusive evidence of the fact without proof of the number or proportion of the votes recorded in favour of or against such resolution.

7. If a poll is demanded as aforesaid, it shall be taken in such manner and at such time and place as the chairman of the meeting directs.

8. The demand for a poll shall not prevent the continuance of a meeting for the transaction of any business other than the question on which a poll has been demanded.