Beginning from the reign of Tung Chin the condition of currency in China grew to be more complicated than it had ever been. All the backwash of the previous dynasties collected together in the reign of Tung Chih and in the following two reigns, and contributed to bring the Manchu dynasty to a close. For instance, the very cash on which the whole edifice of China's finance was built presented as many complications as possible. Not only were new coins having several weights and alloys, coined by the several provincial mints, but the old coins were also circulating side by side with the new ones. The cash coins of the Mings were in free circulation in most parts of the country; and in some of the remote sections the coins of the Yuan dynasty were also in vogue. The K'ai Yuan coins which were issued during the reign of the Tangs were by no means rare and formed part of the every-day currency of the people, as they did twelve centuries ago.