The question is: How could the Government exercise such a control? The first article of the draft of statutes of general regulations for the Central Bank of China issued in 1912 explains clearly what the object of the bank ought to be; the article stated that "under the style of the Central Bank of China a bank will be incorporated with the object of Circulating properly secured bank-notes as a convenient means of circulation and of promoting the circulation of a sound metallic pecuniary medium throughout the entire Chinese territory, of effecting clearances in monetary traffic, of supplying the inhabitants of the country with a credit medium and of executing other duties in the public interest etc." This proposal of the Government has been to endeavour to exercise such control through the medium of a State Bank which is now called the Central Bank of China. It is needless to discuss the question whether the Government should have any sort of connection with any bank at all in the attempt toward the proper regulation of currency, because it is taken for granted that even the most powerful and well-organized treasury could not perform the necessary function without the aid of a bank.