In what manner these functions could be easily and successfully performed is the problem now before us. As I have pointed out, already, there has really been no parallel situation in any country in the world. We cannot take examples from European countries, Japan or Java. But, we may profit by the experiences in India or the United States. The recent legislations in the United States with regard to banking and currency are very instructive to China in several ways, besides that of deciding the uselessness of a central bank for a state of such vast proportions. I believe that China can profitably follow the example of the United States by dividing the country into a number of districts, provided that the districts shall be apportioned with due regard to the convenience of trade and customary course of business, and shall not necessarily be co-terminous with any province or provinces; the districts thus created may be readjusted and new districts may, from time to time, be created. In an important city within the confines of a large district, a bank should be established and called, for example, the District Bank of a certain circle.