When we know the reasons why no coin so far issued has proved really acceptable, it would be easy to formulate a scheme that would be readily acceptable to the country. The several kinds of foreign and Chinese dollars have all been based on the so-called popularity of the Mexican dollar in the ports. The syllogism was like this: the Mexican dollar was accepted in the ports; if there was a sufficient number of them they would be accepted also in the interior; the Government could easily solve the difficulty by issuing coins similar to the Mexican in every respect, except the inscription. It was believed that by these means the country could have a coin which it liked, and the Government could make a profit which otherwise went to the Mexican mints. That such a reasoning was unsound is shown by the fact that the Chinese dollars have not been accepted, even as much as the Mexican dollar. The Chinese dollar did not find acceptance in the ports, because even when it had exactly the same weight and fineness it was a newcomer in the field. The Chinese dollar did not find acceptance in the country because no coin, not even the Mexican dollar, was even accepted freely in the country. This fact is evident by the custom of the trade, which has persistently kept all accounts in taels, and when any transport of money became necessary it was always in the shape of sycee. I think it would save unncessary efforts if the Government gave up all ideas of issuing new dollars. As a matter of fact several new kinds of dollars have been introduced from one or other of the mints making a bid for acceptance; and not one of them, especially during recent years, has been even partially accepted by the trade. The fact that even when the Government presented its accounts in dollars for three successive years after the formation of the Republic, it did not induce the trade or the people to respond and follow the model of the Government should be proof sufficient that the dollar is absolutely unsuited to China. It may be due to prejudice and idiosyncracy of the people; but there is no use in ignoring it.