Vol. XVII. of the International Scientific Series. By W. Stanley Jevons, M. A., F. E. S., Professor of Logic and Political Economy in the Owens College, Man- Chester. 1 vol., 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1.75.

"He offers us what a clear-sighted, cool-headed, scientific student has to say on the nature, properties, and natural laws of money, without regard to local interests Or national bias. His work is popularly written, and every page is replete with solid instruction of a kind that is just now lamentably needed by multitudes of our people who are victimized by the grossest fallacies." - Popular Science Monthly.

"If Professor Jevons's book is read as extensively as it deserves to be, we shall have sounder views on the use and abuse of money, and more correct ideas on what a circulating medium really means." - Boston Saturday Evening Gazette.

"Prof. Jevons writes in a sprightly but colorless style, without trace of either prejudice or mannerism, and shows no commitment to any theory. The time is not very far distant, we hope, when legislators will cease attempting to legislate upon money before they know what money is, and, as a possible help toward such a change, Prof. Jevons deserves the credit of having made a useful contribution to a department of study long too much neglected, but of late years, we are gratified to say, becoming less so." - The Financier, New York.