In its Application to Art, Science, and Industry.

By Dr. Hermann Vogel, Professor in the Royal Industrial Academy of Berlin.

With 100 Illustrations. l2mo..............Price, $2.00.

"Out of Photography has sprung a new science - the Chemistry of Light - and, in giving a popular view to the one, Dr. Vogel has presented an analysis of the principles and processes of the other. His treatise is as entertaining as it is instructive, pleasantly combining a history of the progress and practice of photography - from the first rough experiments of Wedgwood and Davy with sensitized paper, in 1802, down to the latest improvements of the art - with technical illustrations of the scientific theories on which the art is based. It is the first attempt in any manual of photography to set forth adequately the just claims of the invention, both from an artistic and a scientific point of view, and it must be conceded that the effort has been ably conducted." -Chicago Tribune.

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