The ordinary collateral note is, in form, the usual promissory note, with the rate of interest given, together with substantially the following language:

The undersigned has deposited with said bank as collateral security for the payment of this and any and every liability or liabilities of the undersigned to the said bank direct or contingent, due or to become due, or which may hereafter be contracted or existing, the following property (here the specific collateral is described), together with all other securities in the possession of said bank belonging to the undersigned or in which the undersigned has an interest; hereby agreeing to deliver to said bank additional securities to its satisfaction, upon demand of said bank, also hereby giving to said bank a lien for the amount of all said liabilities of the undersigned to said bank upon all property or securities which now are or may hereafter be pledged as collateral with said bank by the undersigned, or in the possession of said bank in which the undersigned has any interest, and, also upon any balance of the deposit account of the undersigned with said bank. On the non-performance of this promise, or upon the non-payment of any liabilities above mentioned, or upon the failure of the undersigned forthwith to furnish satisfactory additional securities on demand, at the option of said bank, this obligation shall become immediately due and payable, and then and in every such case full power and authority are hereby given to said bank to sell, assign and deliver the whole of said securities or any part thereof or any substitutes therefor or any additions thereto through any stock exchange or broker or at private sale, without either advertisement or notice, the same being hereby expressly waived or said bank, at its option, may sell the whole or any part of said securities or property at public sale, at which public sale said bank itself may purchase the same or any part thereof free from any right of redemption on the part of the undersigned, which is hereby expressly waived and released. In case of sale for any cause, after deducting all costs and expenses of every kind, said bank may apply the residue of the proceeds of such sale, as it shall deem proper, toward the payment of any one or more or all of the liabilities of the undersigned to said bank, whether due or not due, returning the overplus, if any, to the undersigned, who agree to be and remain liable to said bank for any and every deficiency after application as aforesaid, upon this and all other of said liabilities; the undersigned hereby authorizing the transfer or assignment of said securities and property to the purchaser thereof.

And I hereby authorize any attorney-at-law to appear in any court of record in the United States, after the above obligation becomes due and waive the issuing and service of process and confess a judgment against me in favor of The

First National Bank Of............. .or any holder of this note, for the amount then appearing due together with the costs of suit, and thereupon to release all errors and waive all right of appeal and stay of execution.