This book will refer to the beginner as a "messenger." All bank employees are not messengers, but the duties and responsibilities of the messenger are such that all bank men will do well to study the work of such beginners and to learn of their problems. The lack of one simple fact may influence an important decision. The elements of bank administration are therefore worth most careful study. It should be considered a great advantage to begin at the bottom in the banking business. It is only by beginning at the bottom that a man can become familiar with all the details of the business. And later, when he becomes a department head or officer, the man who has begun at the bottom will understand his duties better and will know what to expect of other men. The mes-sengership is a golden opportunity to learn of modern business by observing local business practices, documents and men. This is a privilege that may be enjoyed only in the duties of a messenger unless one later becomes a part of the credit department.

Needs Of The Beginner

There are three important things which the messenger should acquire during his first week in the bank. These are (1) a desire to make the business men of the city like his bank; (2) a desire to secure merited personal advancement in his own bank; (3) a certain amount of definite information concerning adding machines and the duties of messengers on routes.