See Shakespeare

EMERSON'S Works. 3 vols. Most complete edition published.

Vol. I. -Essays, Lectures, and Poems.

Vol. II.-English Traits, Nature, and Conduct of Life.

Vol. III.-Society and Solitude-Letters and Social Aims-Miscellaneous Papers (hitherto uncollected)-May-Day, etc.

FOSTER'S (John) Life and Correspondence. Edit, by J. E. Ryland. Portrait. 2 vols.

-----Lectures at Broadmead Chapel.

Edit, by J. E. Ryland. 2 vols.

-----Critical Essays contributed to the ' Eclectic Review.' Edit, by J. E. Ryland. 2 vols.

-----Essays: On Decision of Character; on a Man's writing Memoirs of Him self; on the epithet Romantic; on the aversion of Men of Taste to Evangelical Religion.

-----Essays on the Evils of Popular

Ignorance, and a Discourse on the Propa gation of Christianity in India.

----- Essay on the Improvement of

Time, with Notes of Sermons and other Pieces. N. S.

----- Fosteriana: selected from periodical papers, edit, by H. G. Bohn.

FOX (Rt. Hon. C. J.)-See Carrel.

GIBBON'S Decline and Fall of the

Roman Empire. Complete and unabridged, with variorum Notes; including those of Guizot, Wenck, Niebuhr, Hugo, Neander, and others. 7 vols. 2 Maps and Portrait.

GOETHE'S Works. Trans, into English by E. A. Bowring, C.B., Anna Swanwick. Sir Walter Scott, etc. etc. 13 vols.

Vols. I. and II.-Autobiography and Annals. Portrait.

Vol. III.-Faust. Complete.

Vol. IV.-Novels and Tales : containing Elective Affinities, Sorrows of Werther, The German Emigrants, The Good Women, and a Nouvelette.

Vol. V.-Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship.

Vol. VI.-Conversations with Eckerman and Soret.

Vol. VII.-Poems and Ballads in the original Metres, including Hermann and Dorothea.

Vol. VIII.-Gotz von Berlichingen, Tor-quato Tasso, Egmont, Iphigenia, Clavigo, Wayward Lover, and Fellow Culprits.

Vol. IX.-Wilhelm Meister's Travels. Complete Edition.

Vol. X. - Tour in Italy. Two Parts. And Second Residence in Rome.

Vol. XI.-Miscellaneous Travels, Letters from Switzerland, Campaign in France, Siege of Mainz, and Rhine Tour.

Vol. XII.-Early and Miscellaneous Letters, including Letters to his Mother, with Biography and Notes.

Vol. XIII.-Correspondence with Zelter.

Vol. XIV.- Reineke Fox, West-Eastern Divan and Achilleid. Translated in original metres by A. Rogers.

----- Correspondence with Schiller.

2 Vols. See Schiller.

GOLDSMITH'S Works. 5 vols.

Vol. I.-Life,Vicar of Wakefield, Essays, and Letters.

Vol. II.-Poems, Plays, Bee, Cock Lane Ghost.

Vol. III.-The Citizen of the World, Polite Learning in Europe.

Vol. IV.-Biographies, Criticisms, Later Essays.

Vol. V. -Prefaces, Natural History, Letters, Goody Two-Shoes, Index.

GREENE, MARLOW, and BEN JONSON (Poems of). With Notes and Memoirs by R. Bell.

GREGORY'S (Dr.) The Evidences,

Doctrines, and Duties of the Christian Religion.

GRIMM'S Household Tales. With the Original Notes. Trans, by Mrs. A. Hunt. Introduction by Andrew Lang, M.A. 2 vols.

GUIZOT'S History of Representative Government in Europe. Trans, by A. R. Scoble.

----- English Revolution of 1640. From the Accession of Charles I. to his Death. Trans. by W. Hazlitt. Portrait.

----- History of Civilisation. From the

Roman Empire to the French Revolution. Trans. by W. Hazlitt. Portraits. 3 vols.

HALLS (Rev. Robert) Works and Remains. Memoir by Dr. Gregory and Essay by J. Foster. Portrait.

HAUFF'S Tales. The Caravan-The Sheikh of Alexandria - The Inn in the Spessart. Translated by Prof. S. Mendel

HAWTHORNE'S Tales. 3 vols.

Vol. I.-Twice-told Tales, and the Snow Image.

Vol. II.-Scarlet Letter, and the House with Seven Gables.

Vol. III.-Transformation, and Blithe-dale Romance.

HAZLTTS (W.) Works. 7 vols.

----- Table-Talk.

----- The Literature of the Age of

Elizabeth and Characters of Shakespeare's Plays.

-----English Poets and English Comic


----- The Plain Speaker. Opinions on

Books, Men, and Things.

----- Round Table. Conversations of

James Northcote, R.A. : Characteristics.

----- Sketches and Essays, and Winter-slow.

----- Spirit of the Age; or, Contemporary Portraits. New Edition, by W. Carew Hazlitt.

HEINE'S Poems. Translated in the original Metres, with Life by E. A. Bow-ring, C.B.

-----Travel-Pictures. The Tour in the

Harz, Nordemey, and Book of Ideas, together with the Romantic School. Trans. by F. Storr. With Maps and Appendices:

HOFFMANN'S Works. The Serapion Brethren. Vol. I. Trans, by Lt.-CoL Ewing. [Vol. II. in the press.

HOOPER'S (G.) Waterloo : The

Downfall of the First Napoleon : a History of the Campaign of 1815. By George Hooper. With Maps and Plans. New Edition, revised.


HUGO'S (Victor) Dramatic Works.

Hernani-RuyBlas-TheKing's Diversion. Translated by Mrs. Newton Crosland and F. L. Slous.

-----Poems, chiefly Lyrical. Collected by

H. L. Williams.

HUNGARY: its History and Revolution, with Memoir of Kossuth. Portrait.

HUTCHINSON (Colonel). Memoirs of. By his Widow, with her Autobiography, and the Siege of Lathom House. Portrait.

IRVTNG'S (Washington) Complete

Works. 15 vols.

-----Life and Letters. By his Nephew,

Pierre E. Irving. With Index and a

Portrait. 2 vols.

JAMES'S (G. P. R.) Life of Richard

Coeur de Lion. Portraits of Richard and Philip Augustus. 2 vols.

----- Louis XIV. Portraits. 2 vols.

JAMESON (Mrs.) Shakespeare's

Heroines. Characteristics of Women. By Mrs. Jameson.

JEAN PAUL__See Richter.

JOHNSON'S Lives of the Poets.

Edited by R. Napier. [In the press.

JONSON (Ben). Poems of.-See Greene.

JOSEPHUS (Flavius), The Works of. Whiston's Translation. Revised by Rev. A. R. Shilleto, M.A. With Topographical and Geographical Notes by Colonel Sir C. W. Wilson, K.C.B. Vols. 1 to 3 containing Life of Josephus and the Antiquities of the Jews. [Just published. Vols. IV. and V. containing the Jewish War, etc. [Immediately.