17 Vols, at 5s. each, excepting those marked otherwise. (3l.19s.per set.)

BACON'S Novum Organum and Ad- I vancement of Learning. With Notes by J. Devey, M.A.

BAX. A Handbook of the History of Philosophy, for the use of Students. By E. Belfort Bax, Editor of Kant's ' Prolegomena.' 5s. COMTE'S Philosophy of the Sciences. An Exposition of the Principles of the Cours de Philosophic Positive. By G. H. Lewes, Author of ' The Life of Goethe.'

DRAPER (Dr. J. W.) A History of the Intellectual Development of Europe, a vols.

HEGEL'S Philosophy of History. By J. Sibree, M.A.

KANT'S Critique of Pure Reason.

By J. M. D. Meiklejohn. -----Prolegomena and Metaphysical

Foundations of Natural Science, with Biography and Memoir by E. Belfort Bax. Portrait.

LOGIC, or the Science of Inference. A Popular Manual. By J. Devey.

MILLER (Professor). History Philosophically Illustrated, from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution. With Memoir. 4 vols. 3s. 6d. each.

SCHOPENHAUER on the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason, and on the Will in Nature. Trans, from the German.

SPINOZA'S Chief Works. Trans, with Introduction by R. H. M. Elwes. 2 vols.

Vol. I.-Tractatus Theologico-Politicus -Political Treatise.

Vol. II.- Improvement of the Understanding-Ethics-Letters.

TENNEMANN'S Manual of the History of Philosophy. Trans, by Rev. A. Johnson, M.A.




15 Vols, at 5s. each, excepting those marked otherwise. (3 l. 13s. 6d. per set.)

BLEEK. Introduction to the Old Testament. By Friedrich Bleek. Trans, under the supervision of Rev. E. Venables, Residentiary Canon of Lincoln. 2 vols.


Protestants. 3s. 6d.

EUSEBIUS. Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius Pamphiiius, Bishop of Caesarea. Trans, by Rev. C. F. Cruse, M.A. With Notes, Life, and Chronological Tables.

EVAGRIUS. History of the Church. -See Theodoret.

HARDWICK. History of the Articles of Religion; to which is added a Series of Documents from a.d. 1536 to a.d. 1615. Ed. by Rev. F. Proctor.

HENRY'S (Matthew) Exposition of the Book of Psalms. Numerous Woodcuts.

PEARSON (John, D.D.) Exposition of the Creed. Edit, by E. Walford, M.A. With Notes, Analysis, and Indexes.

PHLLO-JUDAEUS, Works of. The

Contemporary of Josephus. Trans, by C. D. Vonge. 4 vols.

PHILOSTORGIUS. Ecclesiastical

History Of

See Sozomen.

SOCRATES' Ecclesiastical History.

Comprising a History of the Church from Constantine, a.d. 305 to the 38th year of Theodosius II. With Short Account of the Author, and selected Notes.

SOZOMEN'S Ecclesiastical History.

a.d. 324-440. With Notes, Prefatory Remarks by Valesius, and Short Memoir. Together with the Ecclesiastical His tory of PHILOSTORGIUS.as epitomised by Photius. Trans, by Rev. E. Walford, M.A. With Notes and brief Life.

THEODORET and EVAGRIUS. His-tories of the Church from a.d. 332 to the Death of Theodore of Mopsuestia, a.d. 427; and from a.d. 431 to a.d. 544. With Memoirs.

WIESELER'S (Karl) Chronological

Synopsis of the Four Gospels. Trans, by Rev. Canon Venables.