Paper 1. The dimensions of the paper used in all the reports shall be 8 1/2 x 11 inches and the color shall be white.

Name 2. Your name and class divisions, instructor's name and seat number (e.g., Fin. 1, Thurs. 8.00, Mr. Jones, Seat 45) must appear on the upper right hand corner of every sheet and on the outside of the last sheet (see under Endorsement below).

Penman- 3. All reports must be carefully and neatly written, preferably ship with pen and ink. Reports not readily legible on account of too hard or too soft pencil, or for any other cause, will be rejected.

Margins 4. A margin of at least one inch must be preserved on all sides of the paper.

Paging 5. All reports shall be paged in the upper right hand corner.

Write on one side of page only, and attach by a clip or pin in upper left hand corner.

Diagrams 6. Diagrams shall be on co-ordinate paper 8 1/2 x ll inches or multiples thereof and shall be drawn in ink with colors when necessary.

Rulings 7. When any rulings are necessary, use a ruler and do not attempt to make them free-handed.

Folding 8. All reports must be folded vertically once only.

Endorse- 9. After reports have been folded, the following data must be ment given on the outer upper right hand side: Name; Date when due; Class Division; and Instructor's Name (e.g., John Smith. Finance 1, Thursday 8.00, Mr. Jones, Seat 45).

Criticism 10. In general, the reports should deal with problems in a prac-of Report tical, business-like way. Qualities of precision, conciseness, and accuracy will be insisted upon. Furthermore, in criticising reports attention will be given to spelling, grammar, neatness and logical arrangement.

When Re- 11. All reports must be handed in at the Class Meeting on the ports DUE date due, or mailed on the date due. No report will be accepted at any other time or in any other manner.

Reports For failure to observe the above rules, reports may be rejected, Rejected and when so rejected will be marked R with the number of the rule violated. There will be no opportunity to resubmit.