14 Loteae Part 10 550 A splendid ornament of the garden from Oreg. St. 3 to 5f high. Rac. a foot or more long. Fls. scattered (subverticillate in β. grandifolius, Lindl.), white, purple, or yellow, in different varieties, †

4 L. Nootkatensis Bonn. Nootka Sound Lupine. St. villous, with, long, spreading hairs, 5 to 9-foliate; lfts. oblong-lanceolate, mucronate, attenuate at base, sericeous beneath; cal. very hairy, both lips nearly entire; bracts linear, hairy, longer than the calyx. - A handsome species from the X. West Coast, 2 to 3f high, in gardens. Fls. purple. †

5 L. arboreus L. Tree Lupine. Shrubby; fls. yellow, in whorls; cal. appendaged, lip acute, entire. - A handsome exotic shrub, 6f high, with large, yellow fls. †

Obs. - Several annual species are occasionally sown in gardens. as L. albus, with white fls.; L. pilosus, with rose-colored fls.; L. luteus. with yellow fls.; and L. hirsutus, with blue fls. and an appendaged calyx.

28. LABURNUM, Benth. Calyx campanulate, bilabiate, upper lip 2, lower 3-toothed; vexillum ovate, erect, as long as the straight wings; filaments diadelphous (9 & 1); legume continuous, tapering to the base, several-seeded. - Oriental, thornless shrubs or trees. Lvs. pal-mately trifoliate. Fls. mostly yellow.

1 L. vulgare L. Golden Chain. Arborescent; lfts. oblong-ovate, acute at base, acuminate; rac. simple, elongated, pendulous; leg. hirsute. - A small, ornamental tree, 15f high, from Switzerland. Fls. numerous, large, in rac. 1f long. † (Cytisus Laburnum L.)

2 L. alpinum L. Arborescent; lfts. oblong-ovate, rounded at lase; rac long, simple, pendulous; leg. glabrous. - A beautiful tree, 30f high, native of various Alpine regions of Europe. Like the former it develops numerous brilliant, yellow fls., in long, drooping clusters. There are varieties with ochroleu-cous, white, and even purple fls.

29. TRIFO'LIUM, Tourn. Clover. (Gr.14 Loteae Part 10 551 (three-leaved);

Lat. trifolium; Fr. trefle; Eng. trefoil.) Calyx tubular or campanu-late, 5-toothed, persistent; petals more or less united at the base, withering; vexillum reflexed; alae oblong, shorter than the vexillum; carina shorter than the alae; stamens 10, diadelphous (9 and 1); legume short, membranous, mostly indehiscent, covered by and scarcely longer than the calyx, 2 to 4-seeded; seeds roundish. - Herbs. Lvs. palmately trifoliate; lfts. with straight, scarcely reticulated veins. Fls. in dense heads or spikes.

(J Flowers yellow, in small, dense, roundish heads.............................................................

Nos. 1, 2

§ Flowers cyanic, - pedicellate, finally deflexed. (a)

- subsessiie, never deflexed. (b)

a Heads small, on stalks some ten times longer...................................

Nos. 3, 4

a Heads large, on stalks two or three times longer...................................

Nos. 5, 6

b Calyx teeth plumose, longer than the whitish corolla...........

No. 7

b Calyx teeth shorter than the purple or roseate corolla..........

Nos. 8 - 10

1 T. procumbens L. Yellow Clover. St. procumbent or ascending; lfts. obtuse or retuse, denticulate, terminal one petiolulate; stip. ovate-lanceolate acuminate, much shorter than the petioles; hds, small, subglobous; cor. yellow; sty. 3 or 4 times shorter than the l-seeded leg.-14 Loteae Part 10 552 In dry soils, N. H. to Va. Sts. many from the same root, slender, more or less pubescent, striate, 3 to 10' long, often snberect. Lfts. 4 to 8" long, 1/2 to equally as wide, lateral ones placed 1 to 2" below the terminal one. Hds. 2 to 3" diam., on slender peduncles 1' long. Fls. at length reflexed. Jn., Jl. § Eur.

2 T. agrarium L. St. ascending or erect; lfts. often emarginate. denticulate, all subsessile; stip. linear-lanceolate, cohering with and longer than the petiole; hds. ovoid-elliptic; sty. about equaling the l-seeded leg.-14 Loteae Part 10 553 Sandy fields. N. Eng. Sts. 6 to 15' high, branched, minutely pubescent. Lfts. 5 to 10" by 1 to 3". Common petioles 3 to 10" long, the upper ones shorter than their stip. Hds. of fls. twice larger than in the last, on peduncles about 1' long. Fls. at length reflexed. Jl., Aug. § Eur.

3 T. Carolinianum Mx. Slender, diffuse; lfts. cuneate-obovate, the middle one obcordate; stip. ovate-acuminate, foliaceous; hds. long-stalked; cal. teeth thrice longer than its tube; leg. 4-sceded.-14 Loteae Part 10 554 Fields, S. Car. to F!a. and Tex., almost forming a turf and poor pasturage. Sts. 6 to 12' long, many from one root. Fls. white or purplish. Fed. 4 to 6' long. Mar. - May.

4 T. repens L. White Clover. Shamrock. St. creeping, diffuse; lfts. obcordate, denticulate; slip, narrow, scarious; hds. subumbellate, on very long, axillary peduncles; leg. about 4-seeded; cal. teeth shorter than the tube. -14 Loteae Part 10 555 ln all soils, mountainous, meadow or rocky, throughout N. Am. Sts. several from the same root, extending 6 to 12', rooting at the joints. Ped. angular, much longer than the lvs. Fls. white. May - Sept. Highly valued for pasturage.

5 T. reflexum L. Buffalo Clover. Pubescent; ascending or procumbent; lfts. obovate or oblong-obovate, serrulate, some of them emarginate; stip. leafy,

. Semicordate; hds. umbel-like; cal. teeth nearly as long as the cor.; leg. about 4-seeded.-14 Loteae Part 10 556 Prairies and meadows, W. and S. States. St. 8 to 16' high. Lfts. subsessile, 7 to 8" by 4 to 5"; petioles 1 to 2' long. Hds. largo and handsome. Ped. 1 to 3' long. Fls. rose-red, turning brownish when deflected. Apr. - Jn.

6 T. stoloniferum Muhl. Glabrous, creeping; branches axillary, ascending short; lfts. broadly obcordate, denticulate; stip. leafy, ovate-lanceolate, acuminate; fls. loose, umbellate-capitate; cal. teeth not half the length of the cor.; leg. about 2-s3eded. - Fields and woods, W. States. Sts. 6 to 12' long, several together. Branches 3 to 4' high, generally with one head which is 1' diam. Lfts. 6 to 10" by 5 to 9". Fls. white, erect, but in fruit all reflexed. May, Jn.

7 T. arvense L. Hds. cylindrical, very hairy; cal. teeth setaceous, longer than than the cor., lfts, narrow-obovate. -14 Loteae Part 10 557 A low plant in dry, sandy fields, Me. to Fla. Sts. much branched, round, hairy; 6 to 12' high. Lvs. hairy, on short petioles, of 3 narrow lfts., 1/2 to 1' long. Hds. of white or pale red fls., 1' long. very soft and downy, the slender, equal calyx teeth being densely fringed with fine silky, reddish hairs, and projecting far beyond the corolla. Jl. - Aug. § Eur.