2 L. ochroleucus Hook. St slender; lfts. about 3 pairs, broadly ovate; stip. semi-cordate, large; ped. 7 to 10-flowered, shorter than the leaves. - A small, delicate species, rare, in shady places and on river banks, N. J. to Wise, N. to Arc. circle. St. 2 to 3f long, leaning or climbing on other plants. Lfts. 1 to l 1/2' long, 3/4 as wide, twice larger than the stipules. Corolla yellowish-white (ochroleucous). Jn., Jl. (L. glaucifolius. Beck.)

3 L. palustris L. St. winged; stip. semi-sagittate, ovate, mucronate; lfts. 2 or 3 pairs, oblong-ovate, mucronate; ped. 3 to 5-flowered, longer than the leaves.- A slender climber, found in wet meadows and thickets, N. Eng. to Or. St. slender, square, broadly winged at the angles, supported by the tendrils. Lvs. pinnate-cirrhous; lfts. broad, or narrow-ovate. Fls. drooping, rather large, variegated with blue and purple. Jn., Jl.

β. myrtifolius Gray. St. square, often slightly winged, weak; lfts. oblong-lanceolate, rather obtuse. - Can. to Md. and Ind. Fls. pale purple. (L. myrtifolius Muhi.)

4 L. venosus Muhl. St. 4-angled; stip. semi-sagittate, lanceolate, very small; ped. 8 to 1 6-flowered, shorter than the leaves; lfts. 4 to 7 pairs, somewhat alternate, obtusish, mucronate. - In shady grounds, Can. and U. S. St. erect, 2 to 3f high, mostly smooth. Ped. axillary, 3 to 5' long. Lfts. ovate, 1 1/2 to 2' by 1', the veins conspicuous. Fls. rather large and showy, purple. Leg. flat and narrow. Jn., Jl.

5 L. maritimus Bw. Beach Pea. St. 4-angled, compressed; petioles flat above; stip. cordate-hastate, nearly as large as the 8 to 12 ovate leaflets; ped. rnany-flowered. - A pale green creeping plant, resembling the common pea, found on sandy shores, N. Y. to Lab., W. to Oreg. St rigid, 1 to 2f in length. Stip. connate. Lvs. ending in a branching tendril, the lower pairs of leaflets largest. Fls. large, blue. May - Jl. (Pisum maritimum Ph.)

6 L. latifolius L. Everlasting Pea. Ped. many-flowered; lfts. 2, lanceolate; joints membranous, wingod. -14 Loteae Part 5 525 A very showy plant for gardens and arbors, native of England. St. 6f long, climbing, winged between the joints. Fls. large, pink, clustered on a peduncle 6 to 10' in length. Jl., Aug.

7 L. odoratus L. Sweet Pea. Ped. 2-flowered; lfts. 2. ovate-oblong; leg. hirsute.-14 Loteae Part 5 526 A well known garden flower, native of Sicily. The flowers appear in June, are large, variegated with red and white. Very fragrant.

8 L. sativus L. Chick Pea. Ped. 1-flowered; lfts. 2 to 4; leg. ovate; compressed, with two winged margins at the back. -14 Loteae Part 5 527 Native of S. Europe, where it has been sometimes cultivated for food; but it proves to be a slow poison, both to man and beast, producing ultimately entire helplessness, by rendering the limbs rigid, but without pain.

16. VIC'IA, I.. Vetch. (Celtic gwig, whence, Gr.14 Loteae Part 5 528 Lat. vicia,

Fr. vesce, and Eng. vetch ) Calyx tubular, with the 3 inferior segments straight, and longer than the 2 above; vexillum emarginate; stamens 10, diadelphous (9 and 1); stylo filiform, bent at right angles with the ovary, villous beneath the stigma on the outside (next the keel); legume oblong, several-seeded. - Herbaceous, mostly climbing. Lvs. abruptly pinnate, with several pairs of leaflets, and a branching tendril. Peduncles axillary.

* Leaflets about 4 (3 to 7). Annual....................................................................

Nos. 1, 2

* Leaflets about 10 (8 to 24). - Peduncle many (5 - 20)-flowered Perennial..................

Nos. 3 - 5

- Peduncle few (1 - 5)-flowered................

Nos. 6, 7

1 V. tetrasperma Loisel. Ped. 1 to 2-flowered, in fl. shorter (in fr. longer) than the lvs.; leg. smooth, 4-seeded; lfts. 4 to 6, small, linear, obtuse; stip. lanceolate, semi-sagittate. - Slender and delicate plants, banks of streams, etc, Can. to Penn. Sts. almost filiform, 1 to 2f long. Lfts. 5 to 10" by 1", acute or obtuse. Fls. very small, bluish-white, on filiform peduncles. Leg. 4 to 6" long, 4- sometimes 5-seeded. Jl. (V. pusilla Muhl. Ervum, L.)

2 V. acutifolia E!l. Lfts. 3 to 6, linear, acute; stip. lance-linear; tendrils mostly simple; rac. 3 to 9-flowered, longer than the leaves. - Ga. and Fla. Very slender, glabrous. St. 3 to 6f long, climbing. Lfts. 6 to 12" long, 1" wide. Fls. small (3" long), bluish white. Calyx teeth shorter than tube. Pods 1' long, about 8-seeded (4 to 10).

3 V. Americana Muhl. Ped. 4 to 8-flowered, shorter than the Ivs.; stip. semi-sagittate, deeply dentate; lfts. 10 to 14, elliptic-lanceolate, obtuse, mucronate, veined, somewhat alternate; leg. oblong-linear, compressed, reticulated. - X. Y. W. to the R. Mts. Sts. slender, 1 to 3f long. Lfts. 1 by 5", subsessile. Fls. blue or purple. Lower calyx teeth broad-lanceolate, much longer than the 2 upper. Stylo very hairy at the summit. May.

4 V. Caroliniana Walt. Ped. 6 to 10 or 12-flowered, rather shorter than the leaves; fls. loose; teeth of the calyx shorter than the tube, the two upper very short; sty. hairy at the summit; stip. lance-linear, entire; lfts. 8 to 12, linear-oblong or linear, smoothish; leg. not reticulated, oblong. - Woods and river banks. A slender climber, 4 to 6f long. Lfts. 6 to 12" by 1 to 3", mostly alternate. Fls. 3" long, pale blue, the banner tipped with deep purple. May.

5 V. Cracca L. Tufted Vetch. Fls. imbricated, 12 to 20 or more in the raceme; lfts. 12 to 24, oblong, puberulent; stip. semi-sagittate, linear-subulate, entire.-■ A slender climber, 2 to 3f long, about fences, hedges, thickets, etc, lat. 39° to Can. St. square, downy. Lvs. of many pairs of downy, mucronate lfts., with a . branched tendril at the end of the principal stalk. Lfts. 6 to 8" by 2 to 3", peti-olulate, Fls. blue and purple, in a long, dense, one-sided raceme. Jl.

6 V. sativa L. Vetch. Tares. Fls. solitary, or in pairs, subsessile; lfts. 10 to 12, oblong-obovate, often linear, retuse, mucronate; stip. semisagittate, subden-tate, dotted; leg. erect, roundish, reticulated, smooth. - 1A slender climbing plant, found in cultivated fields, introduced from Europe. St. decumbent or climbing, 2 to 3f long. Lfts. 8 to 12" by 1 to 4", lower ones near the base of the petiole. Fls. pale purple, half as long as the leaves. Leg. 1 to 2' long. Jn. § trate, slender, 1 to 2f long. Lvs. on long petioles; 1fts. elliptic-oblong, acute at each end, the lower often obovate. Stip. as such very small (1" long) but as bracts they are as broad as the leaflets but much shorter. Fls. deep yellow. Leg. email, adhesive by their retrorsely rough spines. Jn. - Aug.