The publishers (Messrs. A. S. Barnes & Co.) have recently provided and have on sale, suitable apparatus for the use of the student in Botany, made according to directions in this work (page 15). It consists of a knife-trowel for digging and cutting specimens; a microscope and tweezers for the examination of them; a tin box for collecting and preserving them fresh, and a press for drying them. The set is securely packed and sent by express to order, at a moderate price.

Wood's Botanical Series


Pleasing lessons for young learners.

II. Botanist And Florist........2.5O

A thorough text-book, comprehensive and practical.

III. The New Class-Book,.......3.5O

A superb and exhaustive compilation and encyclopedia of the science.

IV. The Student's Plant Record, .... 0.75

A book of blank forms, facilitating the analysis of plants, and recording the results of such analysis, and the progress of the student.

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