6 H. rosmarinifolium Lam. St straight, erect, sparingly branched; lvs. linear, shorter than the iniernodes, narrowed at base to a petiole; cymules dense, few-flowered, panicled. - Ky. to Fla. Smooth and handsome, 18 to 30' high, half shrubby. Lvs. 1' to l 1/2' long, 1 - 2" wide, revolute-edged, fascicled in the axils as if whorled. Fls. 6""diam. Sep. subequal, about as long as the obovate petals. Jn., Aug.

7 H. fasciculatum Lam. Shrub much branched, bushy; lvs. linear, very narrow, longer than the internodes, sessile; cymules leafy. - Wet places in pine barrens, Ga., Fla to La., common. Bush 1 to 2f high, very leafy. Lvs. nearly 1' in length, recurved or straight, with smaller ones clustered in the axils. Fls. numerous, 6" diam. Petals obovate, 1-toothed (like Nos. 4, 5) about the length of the linear sepals. Jl., Sept.

β. abbreviatum. Branches irregular and crooked; lvs. very short (2 to 3"), tufted in the axils; petals 3 times longer than the sepals. - Car. to Ga.

8 H. perforatum L. St. 2-edged, branched; lvs. with pellucid dots; sep. lanceolate, half as long as the petals.-Hypericaceae St John s Worts Part 2 313 A hardy plant, prevailing in dry pastures, Can. and U. S., much to the annoyance of farmers. St 1 to 2f high, brachiate. erect, round, with 2 opposite, elevated lines extending between the nodes. Lvs. 6 - 10" long, 1/3 as wide, ramial ones much smaller, all obtuse, the dots as well as veins best seen by transmitted light. Fls. numerous, deep yellow, in terminal panicles. Petals and sep. bordered with fine dark-colored glands. Jn., Jl. § Eur.

9 H. corymbosum Muhl. Sts. terete, corymbously branched; lvs. obloug-ovate or oval, obtuse, marked with black (as well as pellucid) dots; sep. ovate, acute (very small) 1/3 as long as the petals.-Hypericaceae St John s Worts Part 2 314 Woods and plains, Can. to Penn. and Ark. St. 1 to 3f high, with many small fls. in a corymb of dense cymes. Lvs. 1 to 2' long, nearly 1/2 as wide, veiny, either clasping or sessile, or (in a variety, E. Tenn.) almost petiolate. Fls. small, petals with oblong black dots. Stig. orange-red, on distinct styles. Jn., Jl.

10 H. maculatum Walt. St. terete, corymbously branched; lvs. oblong, thickly sprinkled with black dots; sep. lanceolate. - S. Car., Ga. (Feay) Fla. St. at first simple, often becoming diffusely branched, 1 to 4f high. Lvs. smaller (about 1' by 3"). Fls. rather smaller. This species (or variety?) scarcely differs from No. 8, but in its bluish aspect (from the numerous dots) and smaller lvs. Jl., Aug.

11 H. aureum Bartram. Branches spreading, ancipital; lvs. thick, lance-ovate, obtuse, sessile; fls. (large) solitary, sessile. - A beautiful shrub, Ga., near Macon. St. 2 to 4f high. Lvs. 2 to 3' long, 1/3 as wide, obtuse or mucronulate, only the strong mid-vein visible, almost petiolate, edge wavy-crisped. Fls. 18" broad. Petals reflexed. Sta. excessively numerous (more than 500), shorter than the 3 partly united styles. Jn., Aug.

12 H. myrtifolium L. St. terete; lvs. thick, ovate or oblong, cordate-clasping; fls. in a leafy compound fastigiate cyme, the dichotomal sessile. - Ga, Fla. Shrub

1 to 2f in Light, declined and often divided at base, corymbed above. Lvs. about 1' long, 1/3 or 1/2 as wide, glaucous. Sep. lance-linear, as long as (3 - 4") the petals, at length reflexed. Sta. as long as the sty., which separate at top. May, Jn.

13 H. ambiguum Ell. Branches ancipital; lvs. lance-linear, thin, acute; fls. solitary and in 3s in the axils of the upper leaves. - Banks of the Congaree and Chattahoochee, Ga. Shrub with scaly bark, 2 to 4f high, with numerous, opposite branches. Lvs. 1 to 2' long, 3 - 4" wide, sessile, mucronate, with a white, callous point. Sep. lance-linear, as long as the 1-toothed petals. Sty. united. May, Jn.

14 H. cistifolium Lam. St. 2-winged, subsimple; lvs. linear-oblong, obtuse sessile; fls. in a leafless, compound cyme. - Ga. to Fla. and La. Shrub straight and erect, 1 1/2 to 2f high. Lvs. 1' long, 2 - 3" wide, opaque, with smaller ones clustered in the axils. Petals twice longer than the oval sepals. Sty. united except at the top, nearly as long as the capsule. May.

15 H. adpressum, Bart. St. 2-winged above; lvs. linear-oblong or lanceolate, half erect; cymes few-leaved; sep. lance-linear; caps. almost 3-celled.-Swamps, R. I., Penn. to Ark Plant about 2f high. Lvs. 1 - 2' by 2 - 4", pellucid-punctate, sessile, rather acute. Fls. 6" diam., 15 - 20 in an almost leafless cyme. Sep. unequal, half as long as the oblong-obovate petals. Sty. 1. Aug., Sept.

16 H. nudiflorum Mx. St. and branches 4-angled and winged; lvs. ovate-lanceolate or oblong, obtuse, sessile; cyme leafless, peduncled; sep. linear; caps. almost 3-celled. - Wet grounds, Penn. to La. and Ga. Plant woody at base, 1 - 2f high, with numerous branches. Lvs. thin, about 2' long, with minute, pellucid, reddish dots. Fls. few, small, rather loose in the stalked cyme. Aug., Sept.

17 H. dolabriforme Vent. St. decumbent at the woody base, scarcely 2-edged above; lvs. linear-lanceolate, spreading, veinless; fls. in a leafy, fastigiate cyme; seps. lance-ovate, about as long as the very oblique (dolabriform) petals. - Ky. and Tenn. Sts. 6 - 18' long, with scaly bark at base. Lvs. 1' or more in length, sessile, with smaller ones in the axils with brownish dots. Jl. Aug.

18 H. sphaerocarpon Mx. St. obscurely 4-sided; Ivs. linear-oblong, obtuse, with a minute callous tip, almost veinless; cyme compound, nearly leafless, pedunculate; sep. ovate, mucronate; sty. closely united; caps. globular. - Rocky banks of the Ohio and Ky. rivers. St. somewhat woody at base, 10 - 15' high. Lvs. 1 - 2' long, 1/4 as wide, closely sessile, with large, pellucid dots. Fls. at length numerous, 7" diam. Jl.

19 H. angulosum Mx. Herb smooth; st. acutely 4-cornered; lvs. oblong-lanceolato, acute; cymes leafless; sty. distinct, thrice larger than the ovary. - Swamps in pine barrens, N. J. to Fla. (Bainbridge, Ga., Misses Keen). St. nearly 2f high. Lvs. distinct, opaque, scarcely punctate, 8 - 12" long, 1 - 3" wide, edges revolute. Fls. often alternate on the ultimata branches. Sepals ovate, striate, acute, 5 times shorter than the orange-colored petals. Jl.