Trees shrubs and herbs, with alternate, undivided leaves, with the calyx tube adherent to the ovary, limb 4 to 5-cleft, valvate in aestivation, the stamens as many as the sepals, inserted at their base and opposite to them, an ovary 1-celled, with a free central placenta bearing at top 2 to 4 suspended ovules, but in fruit drupaceous, 1-seeded, crowned with the persistent calyx.

Genera 20, species 200, natives of Europe, America, Australasia, etc. The fragrant sandalwood is the product of Santalum album, etc, of India.

Tribes And Genera


BUCKLEYEae. Fls. dioecious, the pistillate dlchlamydcous, with no stamens.

Tribes And Genera 1596 Calyx lobes 4; petals 4, caducous. Tribes And Genera 1597 stamens 4. Shrubs...............................




SANTALEae. Flowers perfect or polygamous, always monochbwnyileous. (a)

a Flowers in spikes or recemes. Drupe pyriform. Shrubs.......................................



a Flowers in cymous umbles. Nut ovoid. Half shrubby......................................



1. BUCKLE'YA, Torr. (To S. B. Buckley, an active and successful botanist.) FlowersTribes And Genera 1598Tribes And Genera 1599 , the Tribes And Genera 1600 dichlamydrous; outer (calyx) lobes 4, lanceolate; inner (corolla) lobes 4, ovate, acute, 1-veined, caducous; stamens 0; style included, 4-lobed; Tribes And Genera 1601 monochlamydeous; lobes 4, ovate, acute, valvate in bud, opposite the 4 stamens inserted at their base; disk concave, lobes 4, alternate with the sepals; fruit oblong, drupe-like, 10-furrowed, 1-sceded. - A shrub or small tree, with sub-sessile, entire lvs., the sterile fls. clustered, pedicellate, the fertile solitary, all terminal, small.

B. distychophylla Torr. - Mts. of E. Term. Shrub with the slender twigs vel-vety-puberulent, as well as the veins and flower-stalks. Lvs. ovate, acuminate, 9 to 18" long, thin, filiate on the margin, obtuse at base, on very short petioles,Tribes And Genera 1602 fls. 1 1/2" broad, in the midst of caducous bractlets. Tribes And Genera 1603 Fl. subtended by 4 bractlets. Fr. 8 to 9" long, narrowed at base into the short stipe. (Borya distychophylla Nutt.)

2. PYRULA'RIA, Mx. Oil-nut. (Diminutive of Pyrus; its fruit resembling a little pear.) Flowers dioecious; calyx 5-cleft, subcam-panulate; disk 5-toothed, glandular, half-adherent to the ovary; style 1; stigmas 2 or 3, sublenticular; drupe pyriform, 1-seedcd, inclosed in the adhering base of the calyx. - Shrubs with the habit of Celastrus. Lvs. alternate, entire. Rac. terminal.

P. pubera Mx. Shrub unarmed; lvs. oval-oblong, acute, puberulent, pellucid -punctate; rae. spike-like, terminal. - Margins of mountain streams, Penn. to Ga. Shrub 4 - 6f high. Root fetid. Leaves 2 - 3' by 1 - 1 1/2', entire, acuminate, pet-iolate, veins prominent beneath. Flowers small, greenish yellow. Calyx tube short, nearly filled with the glandular disk in theTribes And Genera 1604 flowers, the segments reflexed in the Tribes And Genera 1605 . Stamens alternate with the glands of the disk, opposite to those of the calyx Drupe 7 to 9" long, 5 to 7" thick. May. (Hamiltonia oleifera Muhl.)

3. COMAN'DRA, Nutt. Bastard Toad Flax. (Gr.Tribes And Genera 1606 hair, Tribes And Genera 1607 stamens; stamens connected to the petals by a tuft of hairs.)

Calyx somewhat urceolate, tube adherent, limb 4 to 5-parted; stamens 4 to 5, opposite the sepals, and connected to them by a tuft of hairs; filaments inserted into the top of the perigynous, 5-lobed disk, between its lobes; fruit drupaceous, 1-seeded, crowned with the limb of the calyx. - Very smooth, suffruticous plants. Ped. axillary and terminal. Fls. small, umbellate.

§ 1. EUCOMANDRA. Flowers perfect. Leaves all alternate............................



§ 2. DARBYA. Flowers diœcious. Leaves mostly opposite.................................



1 C. umbellata Nutt. Erect; lvs. oval-lanceolate; fls. subcorymbed, terminal; connecting hairs yellow. -Tribes And Genera 1608 Plant about a foot high, in rocky woods, U. S. and Brit. Am. Stem slender, striate, generally branching at top. Leaves entire, alternate, acutish, 1 - 1 1/2' long, and 1/3 as wide, tapering to a very short petiole. Flowers small, white, in little umbels of about 3. Each umbel is furnished with a deciduous involucre of about 4 small leaflets, the whole constituting a kind of corymb. June.

2 C. Darbya A. DC. Lvs. elliptical; cymes lateral, about 5-flowered; calyx lobes spreading-reflexed, connecting hairs white. - Ga. near Macon (Darby), N. Car. near Lincolnton (Curtis). A small shrub with terete, blackish brandies, the branchlets herbaceous, short, leafy. Lvs. thin and pale, 12 to 18" by 5 to 8", short-petioled, apex obtuse or submucronate. Cymes shorter than the leaves, on slender peduncles. Pedicels 1 or 2" long. Bracts deciduous. Calyx lobes ovate, acute. Fruit unknown. (Darbya umbellulata Gray.)