Herbs sedge-like, with equitant leaves and a scape bearing a head of flowers. Perianth 6-parted, in 2 series, sepals 3, glumaceous, petals 3, unguiculate. Stamens 3, with extrorse anthers, and inserted on the claw of the petals. Capsule 3-valved,

1-celled, with parietal placental, or 3-celled. Seeds numerous, albuminous, orthotropous, embryo at the apex.

Centra 5, speeias 70, natives of tropical Asia, Africa and America, a few species of Xyris extending into the United States. Of no important use.

XY'RIS, L. Yellow-eyed Grass. (Gr.Order CLIII Xyeidageae Xyrids 2096 acute-pointed; in allusion to the form of the leaves.) Heads of flowers ovoid-cylindric; sepals unequal, the 2 lateral glume-like, keeled, persistent, the odd one membranous, involving the corolla in bud and deciduous; petals equal ovate, crenate, with narrow claws as long as the sepals; capsule 1-celled, with parietal placentae. - Lvs. linear, rigid, radical, sheathing the base of the scape. Fls. in a terminal, dense head, with cartilaginous bracts (scales); petals yellow.

* Leaves very short (8 to 30"). Sepals fringeless. tuftless. Small and delicate. South................

No. 1

* Leaves elongated one-third to three-fourths the length of the seape. (a)

a Sepals with a wingless, frinscless keel. rarely crested. Plant bulbous at base......................

No. 2

a Sepals with a winged, fringed keel and crested apex. - short as the scale.............................

Nos. 3, 4

- twice longer than the scale....

No 5

1 X. brevifolia Mx. (nee E1l) Lvs. linear, subulate, falcate, acute, distvch-ously imbricated, 3 to 5 times shorter than the filiform, angular scape; head oval, few-flowered, bracts rounded at apex; sep. acute, lanceolate, the keel not winged, merely scabrous. - Springy places, Car. to Fla. Our smallest species. Scape 4 to 8' high. Lvs. 8 to 30" long, about 1 ' wide, Head not larger than a peppercorn. Apr., May.

2 X. bulbosa Kunth. Bulbous; lvs. narrow-linear, obtusish, half as long as the angular, sulcate stem, both twisted; head globular ovoid, bracts roundish-ovate, very obtuse; sep. oblong-lanceolate, minutely bearded on the sharp keel and tufted* at apex, a little shorter than the bract. - Bogs, N. Eng. to Ga, W. to Ind. Scape slender, 9 to 30' high, lvs. 5 to 15'. Head about 5" long, bracts closely imbricate, concave. Jn. - Sept. (X. Jupicai Mx. X. Indica Ph. X. torta Sm) 8. minor. Dwarfish (3 to 8' high), slender; lvs. thrice shorter, scarcely twisted; sep. with an evident tuft at apex. - S. E. Ga. (Miss Keen.)

3 X. Caroliniana Walt. Lvs. rigid, narrowly linear, a third or more shorter than the flexuous, rigid, slightly 2-edged scape; head elliptical, yellowish brown; sep. narrow, scarcely longer than the oval scales, conspicuously fringed on the keel above the middle and crested at the obtuse apex. - Sandy swamps, N. Y. to Fla. Sts. 1 to 2f high, more or less twisted. Lvs. 6 to 18' long, 1 to 2" or the outer 3" wide. Head 6 to 7 " long. Petals rather large. Jl., Aug. (X. flex-uosa Ell. nee Muhl)

4 X ambigua Kunth? Lvs. gladiate-linear, plain, 2 to 3 times shorter than scapes; scapes (often clustered) distinctly 2-edged, tali; head elliptic-ovoid, large, scales rounded-obovate; sep. shorter than the scales, fringed along the winged keel. - Wet pine barrens, Ga. (Feay). Scapes strict, 1 to 3f high. Lvs. strict, C to i), by 2 to 4", gradually acute. " Heads 7 to 9" long. Aug., Sept. (X. brevifolia Ell.) - The leaves in our specimens are not all rough-edged as in Kunth's. 5 X. fimbriata Ell. Feathered Xvris. Lvs. linear-gladiate, erect, nearly as long as the scape which is strict, striate, and enlarged at the summit; head oval or oblong, scales rounded, loosely imbricated; sep. twice(!) longer than the bracts conspicuously fringed on the keel above. - Sandy swamps. R. I. (Olney), N. J., (Rev. L T. Holton) to Fla Scape 2 to 3f high. Lvs. 20 to 30' long, about 3" wide, sheathing below. Head 6 to 8" long. Bracts tawny-edged. Seeds innumerable, elliptical, minute. Jl., Aug.