Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2316 pedunculate, finally recurved; perig. obovate, tapering below, subpediceled, triquetrous, obtuse, orifice mature closed, sometimes short-apiculate, veined, glabrous, longer than the broad, hyaline, green-keeled, rarely mucronate glume; culm 10 to 20', slender, stiff; lvs. very short; plant with a close, slight pubescence, polo green. - Shores of Perch Lake, etc. Jeff. Co., N. Y. (Drs. Crawe and Wood). A clear species (Dr. Vasey).

129 C. Meadii Dew. (B. t. 82.)Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2317 Spike ovate-oblong, often long, with glumes oblong, obtuse, tawny-edged; Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2318 spikes 2 to 4, oblong or cylindric, rather lax-flowered, upper often staminate at apex, lowest long-stalked, remote, all lealy-bracted; perig. oval or oblong, tapering some at both ends, veined, with entire orifice, scara equaling the broad-ovate, acute or obtuse-mucronate, tawny-edged glume; culm 8 to 10'. erect, leafy below, rough above, longer than the leaves; pale green. - Augusta, Ill. (Mead), Mich, and Ohio. (C. panicea Carey; but clearly distinct.)

130 C. oligocarpa Sehk. (B. t. 93.)Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2319 Spikes 2 or 3 erect, 3 or 4-flowered, bracteate; perig. obovate, roundish-triquetrous, short-rostrate, entire at the mouth, longer man the oblong-mucronate glume; culm 6 to 12' high; lvs. flat and shorter towards the base; plant light green. - Open woods or hedges, rare. Differs frem the following species in its fruit, pubescence, and stouter, coarser aspect.

131 C. Hitchcockiana Dew. (Boott. t. 94.)Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2320 Spike erect, pedunculate; Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2321 Spikes 2 - 3, erect, 5 to 10-flowered, lowest distant; perig. oval-triquetrous, tapering at both ends, inflated, alternate, bent at the apex, striate, with a short, truncated and open beak, about equaling or shorter than the oblong or ovate, mucronate glume; st. 10 - 24' high, erect, stiff, scabrous above, with long and leafy braets; st. lvs. and bracts scabrous and subpubescent. - Borders of woods, N. Eng. to Ill. and Ky.

132 C. styloflexa Buckley.Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2322 Spikes cylindric, short, slender, erect, with oblong, obtuse glumes; Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2323 spikes 1 to 4, oblong, dense, some of them near the staminate and subsessile, the others distant or very remote, on long (2 to 6'), filiform, exsert, drooping peduncles, leafy-bracted; perig. ellipsoid, tapering below, rostrate, often recurved, once to twice longer than the ovate or lance-linear, membranous glume; culm 2f, slender, flaccid, triquetrous, longer than the smooth, light green leaves. - Mts. X. Car. (Buckley) and Va. to Fla. (C. laxiflora, β. styloflexa, Boott. t. 87).

133 C. debilis Michx.Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2324 Spike erect, filiform; Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2325 spikes 3 - 4, not very rarely pistillate above, filiform, hose-flowered, flexuous, nodding, remotish, 1 - 2' long; perig. oblong-lanceolate, subtriquetrous, alternate, rostrate, bifid, glabrous, nerved, nearly twice longer than the ovate-lanceolate glume; st. 1 - 2f triquetrous and scabrous above, leafy towards the base. - Bright green. Moist woods and meadows, common. (C. flexuosa Schk.)

134 C. arctata Boott.Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2326 Spikes 3 - 4, long and slender, loose-flowered, nodding and remote; perig. ovate, triquetrous; lanceolate or long-rostrate, subventricous, bifid, glabrous, little surpassing the ovate, membranaceous, mucronate glume; st. 10 - 20', scabrous above and leafy below. - Pale green. In the same situations as the preceding, common. (C. Sylvatica Dew. Sill. Jour.)

135 C. Sullivantii Boott. (t. 122).Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2327 Spikes 3, oblong, erect, cylindric, rather loose-flowered, bracted, the lowest long-pedunculate and sparse-flowered below; perig. ovate or oval, apiculate, scarcely veined, scabrous-hairy, short-pediceled; Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2328 glume on the lowest spike obovate, obtuse or emarginate, long-cuspidate, the cusp extending above the fruit; on the upper spike the cusp is shortened and the oblong glume scarce equals the fruit; culm 1 to 2f, longer than the leaves plant slightly hairy, light green. - Columbus, Ohio (Sullivant).

136 C. Kneiskernii Dow.Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2329 Spikes 3, long-cylindric. rather distant, sublax-flowered, with recurved peduncles; perig. ovate, oblong, subtriquetrous, glabrous, terete-conic, rostrate, short-2-toothed, a little longer than the ovate and oblong glume which is obtusish and short-mucronate. - Woods, Oriskany and Rome, N. Y. Closely related to C. Sullivantii, but differs materially when mature, in the fruit, glume and long triquetrous achenium. Also, by the same marks, from C. arctata Boott. to which Carey improperly (as mentioned by Boott. t, 122) re-fers it.

137 C. capillaris L.Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2330 Spike small; Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2331 spikes 2 - 3, ovate, oblong, about 6-flowerod, loose-flowered, long and recurved pedunculate; perig. oval, short-rostrate, oblong, oblique at the orifice, longer than the oblong, ovate, obtuse glume; st. 2 - 7' high, leafy at the base; lvs. narrow, long. - Grows in tufts, very delicate, 4 to 6', pale green. Alpine regions of the White Mts. (Robbins).

138 C. fulva Good.Order CLV Cyperaceae The Sedges Part 23 2332 Spikes 3, oblong, subdense-flowered, erect; perig. ovate, round, short-rostrate, bicuspidate, smooth, binerved, twice longer than theovate, dark brown, subacute glume; st. a foot high or more, triquetrous, leafy towards the base. - Pale green. Near Boston (Greene). (C. binervis Ed. 1.)