10 A. Thelyptera Swtz. Lady Fern. Frond smoothish, lance-ovate; lfts. slender, distant, deeply pinnatifid, gradually shorter from near the base upwards; segm. acute, margins reflexed in fruit; sori in 2 lines, as near the midvein as the margin. - A delicate Fern, in damp shades, frequent, about If high, half as wide. Lfts. 2 to 3' long, about 20 pairs, lowest pair as long as any. Segm. 25 pairs. Jl.

11 A. Novaboracense Willd. New-York Fern. Frond smoothish, elliptic-lanceolate; lfts. slender, near or distant, deeply pinnatifid, gradually shorter bo:h ways to a point from the middle, the lower reflexed; segm. obtuse, oblong, flat; sori in 2 rows close to the margin, at length confluent. - Fern as thin and delicate as the last, 12 to 18' high, 3 to 4' wide, with about the same number of divisions.

12 A. patens Swz. Frond soft and thin, pubescent with rusty hairs all over, lanceolate, pinnate; lfts. linear, pointed, pinnatifid, lobes short-oblong, very obtuse entire, with simply pinnate veins; indusia round-reniform, small, scattered without order near the midvein. - Dry woods, Fla. (Chapman). Fern 12 to 18' high, the stipes a third of this length. Lfts. about 25 pairs, segm. 18. (Amolle Kunze).