C. maritima Moq. Branches diffuse, prostrate or erect; lvs. long, linear, semi-terete, upper shorter; fls. in sessile axillary glomerules, 2 or 3 together; fruit ca). inflated; seed shining. -Order CV Chenopodiaceae Chenopods Or Goose Foots P 1562 Salt marshes, Can. to Fla. Sts. 1 to 2f long or high, becoming woody at base, southward. Lvs. 6 to 15' long, 1" thick, acute. Fls. very small, green, with roundish calyx lobes. Utricle thin, semitransparent, containing a black, shining seed. Aug. (C. maritima L. also Salsola linearis Ell)

11. SAL'SOLA, Gaert. Saltwort. (Lat. sal, salt; the plants contain much alkaline salt.) FlowersOrder CV Chenopodiaceae Chenopods Or Goose Foots P 1563 , with 2 bractlets; sepals 5, at length winged horizontally on the back, forming a broad, scarious border; stamens 5; styles 2, united at base; utricle depressed, inclosed in the base of the stellatcly 5-wingcd calyx; seed horizontal, globous; embryo spiral (cochleate) with no albumen. - Maritime, fleshy plants with terete lvs. and axillary, sessile fls.

S. Kali L. Herbaceous, decumbent; lvs. alternate, subulate, channeled, spinous, smooth; fls. solitary; fruit-calyx wings larger than the sepals, orbicular, spreading.Order CV Chenopodiaceae Chenopods Or Goose Foots P 1564 A rigid, prickly and very branching plant, of the sea-shore, Can. to Ga. St. 1 to 2f high, diffuse. Lvs. about an inch long, sessile, ending with a spine. Fls. green, succulent, sessile, bracteate, the wings in fruit pale roseate, 1 1/2" long. Seed with a thin testa and a green embryo coiled like a little snail shell.

β. Caroliniana. Suberect, glabrous, often purplish; lvs. dilated at base; fruit-calyx wings rose-purple. - Southward. (S. Caroliniana Walt.)