Shrub or small tree, 4 to 15f high, with long, slender, smooth, purple or yellowish green twigs, tough and elastic, used in basket making. (S. rosmarini-folia Ph.) β. fuscata. Lvs. obovate-lanceolate, acute; amenta of a leaden hue from the thinner hairs.

9 S. viminalis L. Basket Osier. Lvs. linear-lanceolate, very long, acuminate, subentire, sillcy-canescent beneath; slip, minute; branches virgate; aments precocious; scales roundish, very hairy; filaments distinct; ova. sessile, ovoid; sty. filiform; stig. undivided, acute. - -Wet meadows and margins of rivers. Sts. 10 to 12f high, with long, straight, slender, and flexible branches. Lvs. often a foot in length, narrow, covered with a snow-white pubescence beneath. Amenta very hairy. May. § Eur.

10 S. purpurea L. Purple Willow. Lvs. partly opposite, obovate-lanceolate, serrulate above, very smooth, narrowed at the base, aments cylindrical, with leafy bracts at base; scales orbicular, black; filaments united into 1, with 2 anthers; ovary sessile, ovate-elliptic; sty. very short; stig. emarginate. - Low grounds, river banks, and cultivated like the last for basket-making. Shrub 6 to 10f high. Twigs very long, slender and tough, covered with a smooth, olive-colored bark.

11 S. rostrata Richardson. Branches erect, straight, pubescent, at length smooth; lvs. broadly or obovate-lanceolate, acute, subentire, at length coriaceous, smooth above, glaucous-pubescent beneath; stip. semicordate, dentate; aments short, cylindrie, dense, the fertile ones becoming very long and loose; scales oblong, membranous, hairy at the apex; ova, narrow-lanceolate, silky, long-acuminate, on very long pedicels; sty. very short; stig. lobed, the lobes bifid or entire. - Shrub or small tree 8 - l0f high. Bark of the trunk dark-colored, of the branches yellow.

12 S. longifolia Muhl. Long-leaved Willow. Lvs. linear, acuminate at each end, elongated, remotely toothed, smooth, nearly of the same color on both sides: stip. lanceolate, dentate; aments tomentous, pedunculate; sta. 2; scales flat, re-tuse; ovary short-stalked; fil. bearded at base, twice longer than the scales. - River banks from the Conn, and Ohio to Oregon and Brit. Am. It possesses a remarkable power of rooting, extending itself and binding the loose sands together. Stems about 2f high, with brown branches and white branchlets.

13 S. phylicifolia L. Mountain Willow. Lvs. ovate or lanceolate, remotely repand-serrate, glabrous, glaucous beneath; stip. semicordate, oblique at apex; aments bracteate,Order CXXII Salicaceae Willoworts Part 2 1820 sessile; caps, pedicellate, conical-elongated, somewhat silky; sty. long. - White Mts. A handsome, low shrub, spreading, with broad-elliptical, very smooth leaves, the margins repand-serrate.

14 S. repens L. Creeping Willow. Low, creeping; lvs. obovate or lance-obo-vate, aculish or bluntly acuminate, obscurely crenate-toothed, glabrous and shining above, silky-pubescent, at length glabrous and glaucous beneath, reticulate both sides; stip. oblong, very caducous; aments short, few-flowered, very silky; stam. 2; ovary silky, pedicellate. - Alpine summits White Mts. and northward. Sts. a few inches above ground. Lvs. 8 to 12" by 4 to 6", petioles 3 to 4", clothed with silky pubescence when young, very smooth when old.

15 S. pedicillaris Ph. Lvs. elliptic-oblanceolate, acute or obtuse, rather obtuse at base, entire, both sides glabrous, beneath slightly glaucous and reticulate-veined; aments pedunculate: caps, ovate-conic, glabrous, long-pedicellate; scales short, obtuse, a little hairy; sty. very short; lobes of the stigma cleft. - Mountain swamps, N. Eng. and N. Y. A low and elegant shrub, with rather a virgate habit, remarkable for its entire smoothness. On mountains it is more straggling. Lvs. light, yellowish green, 1 to 2' long, very entire (S. myrtilloides Tucker.)

16. S. Uva-ursi Ph. Lvs. elliptical or obovate, obtuse at each end, glandular-denticulate, smooth above, glaucous-smoothish beneath, silky-villous when young: aments pedunculate, cylindric, dense; caps, ovate-conic, briefly pedicellate, glabrous; scales obovate, black, silky; stam. one; stig. bifid, lobes at length cleft. - White Mts. N. H. A low or prostrate shrub. Lvs. 3 to 5" by 2 to 3". Aments 6".

17 S. herbacea L. Herb Willow. Arctic Willow. Dwarf; lvs. orbicular, cordate, sen ate, glabrous, veiny; aments few-flowered, sessile; scales small, glabrous; ovaries sessile, lanceolate, glabrous; style short; stig. lobes bifid. - On the alpine regions of the White Mountains, N. to Lab. and the Arc. Islands. An interesting little shrub, the smallest of its tribe. Stem ascending, 1 - 2' high. Leaves about 3' diameter, smooth and shining on both sides. Stipules wanting. Roots long, creeping, branching. Jn., Jl.

18 S. fragilis L. Crack Willow. Bedford Willow. Lvs. ovate-lanceolate, glabrous, whole margin serrate, acuminate, petioles glandular; stip. semicordate, pointed, dentate; ova. on short pedicels, oblong-ovoid, glabrous; stig. bifid, longer than the styles; scales oblong, about equaling the ovaries, pubescent, ciliate;Order CXXII Salicaceae Willoworts Part 2 1821 with an abortive ovary. - A tall tree, 60 or 80f high, native in Great Britain. It has a bushy head, with numerous oblique, irregular branches. The twigs break off at base by a slight touch. The wood is of a salmon-color. (S. Russelliana Sm.) § Eur.

19 S. decipiens Hoffm. Branches smooth, highly polished; lvs. lanceolate, glabrous, serrate, acuminate, floral ones often obovate and recurved, petioles somewhat glandular; stip. small, semi-ovate, acute, den'ate, often 0; ova. pedicellate, glabrous, acuminate; sty. longer than the 2-cleft stigma. - A small, elegant tree, remarkable for the polished, light, reddish-brown twigs, appearing as if varnished. The young twigs stained with crimson. It is often set in rows for ornament and shade. § Eur.