2 L. convallarioides Hook. Lvs. roundish-ovate; rac. few-flowered, loose, pubescent; sep. ovate-lanceolate; lip. cuneate-spatulate, twice as long as the sepals, 2-toothed at base, with 2 roundish lobes and an intermediate minute one at the apex; column elongated. - Car. to Arc. Am. Root fibrous. St. very slender, 5 to 10' high, sheathed with a few bracts, bearing the 2 lvs. above the middle. Lvs. 1' or more long, nearly as wide. Fls. small, the broad, obcordate lip about 4" long, purplish. May.

3 L. pubesceus Nutt. St. pubescent, leafless; lvs. all radical, ovate, acute; fls. in a raceme; lip 2-lobed, the other segments connivent, about as long as the lip; caps, clavate. - Pine barrens, Car. and Ga. Fls. greenish-white. Jn.. Jl. - We have seen no specimen. Is it a Cranichis ?

4 L. auotralis Lindl. Lvs. ovate; fls. minute, puberulent, on pedicels twice longer than the ovary, in a loose, slender raceme; lip linear, cleft into 2 linear-setaceous segments, 3 or 4 times longer than the sepals. - Swamps, N. Jer. to Ga. May, Jn.

13. CRAN'ICHIS, Swartz. (Gr.Order CXXXVIII Orchidaceae Orchids Part 6 1974 a helmet?) - Sepals spreading or reflexed; lip narrow, entire, arched; column straight, bearing (he anther on the back, parallel with the style; pollen farinaceous. - Lvs. nearly radical. St. bracted, bearing a slender spike. Fls. obliquely cernuous.

C. multiflora Ell. St. slender, with a few sheathing bracts, pubescent above; lvs. ovate-lanceolate, acute, on short, sheathing petioles near the base; spike many-lowered, rather loose; sop. pubescent, lanceolate, mostly reflexed; petals linear, connivent and curved upwards, lip recurved almost to a half circle, channeled, its base embracing the column. - Sandy soils, S. Ga. Fla. to La. (Described from an imperfect specimen resembling a Spiranthes.) St. 10 to 20' high. Lvs. 1 to 2' long. Perianth scarce 5" long, greenish-white. Sept., Oct,

14. SPIRAN'THES, Rich. Ladies' Tresses. (Gr.Order CXXXVIII Orchidaceae Orchids Part 6 1975 a wreath; sc. the twisted spike.) Perianth ringent; lower sepals oblique and including the base of the lip; upper sepal connivent with the petals; lip oblong, channeled, parallel with the column, and with callous processes at base; column curved, stigma ovate, rostrate, becoming bidentate at apex; anther dorsal; pollinia 2, each 2-lobed, powdery. - St. scape-like, bearing many white fls. in an oblique, spiral row.

* Spike with the rachis twisted, and the flowers in one moderately twisted row.....


1, 2

* Spike with the rachis straight but the flowers in a dense spiral all around.............


3, 4

1 L. gracilis Bigelow. Slender Ladies' Tresses. Lvs. all radical, ovate or ob-lanceolate, fugacious) scape with remote sheatfis; fig. in a single row, which is moderately spiral; lip oblong-spatulate, crenulate-wavy at the recurved tip, the callosities distinct; plant nearly glabrous. - A very delicate plant, not uncommon in old woods, Can. and U. S. Scape very slender, 8 to 12' high. Lvs. close on the ground, 1 to 2' long, contracted to a petiole, usually withering before the flowers appear. Fls. white, fragrant. Rachis twisted more than the row of flowers, but in the opposite directiou. Jl, Aug.

2 L. tortilis Ph. Tall, slender; lvs. mostly at base; long and linear; the cauline distant and sheathing; bract-like; fls. in a single row, moderately twisted, on a twisted rachis; perianth elongated (5"); lip oblong, acute, pinnately lobed, lobes crenulate; plant more or less pubescent above. - Grassy plains, Car. to Ala. and Fla. St. 2 to 3f high, stouter than in S. gracilis. Lvs. 6 to 10' long, 2 to 5" wide. Spike 3 to 5' long. Jn. Jl.

3 S. cernua Rich. Lvs. linear-lanceolate, the lower elongated, the cauline gradually smaller; spike dense-flowered, thick, oblong, the flowers oblique and cernuous; lip oblong, obtuse, wavy and crenulate, recurved, longer than the petals; plant pubescent above. - Can. and U. S., common in meadows, etc. St. 9 to 18' or more, somewhat leafy. Lvs. 3 to 6 to 10' long, 3 to 6" wide. Spike 1 to 3' long. Fls. large for the genus, fragrant. Perianth 4 to 5" long, cream-white. Aug. - Oct.

4 S. latifolia Torr. Lvs. nearly radical, oblong or linear-lanceolate, 3 to 5-veined; st. with 2 or 3 sheathing bracts; fls. (small 3 to 4") in an oblong, dense spike which is somewhat twisted; lip oblong, obtuse, crenulate-crisped on the margin. about 5-veined, callosities adnate; plant quite glabrous. - In moist grounds, Ca to Penn. A low plant, often concealed in the grass, 4 to 8' high. Lvs. 3 or more, 2 to 4' long, often obtusish. Fls. rather larger than in No. 1, white, the lip yellowish, with green lines. Jn., Jl.

15. GOODYE'RA, R. Br. Rattlesnake Plantain. (Named for John Goodyer, an obscure English botanist.) Perianth ringent; calyx inflated, upper sepals with the petals vaulted, the two lower sepals placed beneath and including the saccate, entire lip, which is without callosities and abruptly acuminate and reflexed at apex; anther on the. back of the free column; pollinia 2, composed of angular grains. - Bracted scapes arising from creeping rhizomes, with radical, ovate lvs. and a downy spike of small white fls.

1 G. repens R. Br. Lvs. ovate-lanceolate, obscurely reticulated with white, lip ovate, with an oblong, obtuse acumination; column acutely 2-horned at the summit; spike secund or slightly twisted, minutely pubescent. Rocky mountain woods, Can. to Car. St. slender, 5 to 8 high, bearing a spike 2 to 3' long. Lvs. 9 to 12" in length, curiously netted with white lines, but less so than the next (which is scarcely distinct from this). Jl., Aug.

2 G. pubescens R. Br. Lvs. ovate, and conspicuously reticulata with white; lip roundish-ovate, with a narrow, abrupt, recurved point; column rounded and obscurely 2-toothed at apex; spike dense, with the fls. spirally arranged, pubescent. - Woods, Can. and U. S., with its several lvs. radical and singularly mottled with white and dark green. St. 6 to 12' high. Lvs. 1 to 2' long, contracted into a short, winged petiole. Spike 2 to 4' long. Perianth greenish, about 2" long, nearly as wide. - Jn., Jl.