3 R. Hydrolapathum Hudson. β. Americana Gray. Great "Water Dock. Lvs. lanceolate, acuminate, lower lance-oblong, very long, upper minutely undu-late-crenulate, all acute or attenuate at base, petiolate; panicle compound, at length naked; verticils at first distinct; valves roundish-ovate, obtuse, all grain-bearing. -

Order Ch Polygonaceae Sorrelworts Part 2 1494 Northern U. S. Ponds and ditches. St 3 to 5f high. Lvs. somewhat glaucous, lower very large, 1 to 2f long, 2 to 5' wide, with a stout midvein. Pedicels in fruit 5 to 6" long, twice longer than the calyx. (R. aquaticus Smith.)

4 R. Floridanus Meisn. Lvs. long-lanceolate, acute and unequally narrowed at both ends, flat; panicle, leafless above, racemes at length dense; pedicels twice longer than the fruiting calyx; valves broadly ovate-deltoid, bluntly acuminate, all grain-bearing. - Fla. (Rugel apud Meisner.) Pedicels 3 to 5" long.

5 R. altissimus. Peach-leaved Dock. Glabrous, tall, erect; lvs. flat, thick, linear-elliptic, entire, petiolate, tapering to each end; rac. slender, paniculate, somewhat secund, leafless or the lowest verticil axillary; fls. allOrder Ch Polygonaceae Sorrelworts Part 2 1495 ; valves larger, broad-cordate, one graniferous, one abortively so, and the third naked. - Order Ch Polygonaceae Sorrelworts Part 2 1496 Marshy prairies and borders of streams, Mid. and W. States. A very showy Rumex, 3 - 6f high, slightly branched above. Leaves 3 - 5' by 1/2 - 1', somewhat acuminate, broadest in the middle. Verticils approximate, pedicels reflexed, not longer than the valves. Jn.

6 R. salicifolius Weinm. β. Bigelovh Pale Dock. Lvs. thin, wavy at edge, attenuate-acute at each end, linear-lanceolate, petiolate; panicle simple, leafy at base, racemes spicate, loose and interrupted below; pedicels much shorter than the fruiting calyx; valves all grain-bearing, ovate-oblong, scarcely longer than the grains. - Sea coast, Mass. and Can. Sts. terete, slightly furrowed, 2 to 3f high. Lvs. 4 to 7 long. Grains unequal, large, white. Jn. (R. pallidus Bw.)

7 R. conglomeratus Murr. Lvs. ovate or oblong, base rounded or cordate, the upper lanceolate, attenuate-acute at each cud, margins crispate: panich somewhat spreading, leafy, with remote axillary verticils, the highest leafless; pedicels shorter than the small fruit calyx; valves ovate-oblong, blunt, all grain-bearing. -Order Ch Polygonaceae Sorrelworts Part 2 1497 Ditches and wet places, N. States, Can. St. 2 to 3f high. Lower lvs. on long petioles. Grains large, red. May. § Eur. (R. acutus Sm.)

8 R. sanguineus L. Red-veined Dock. Lvs. lance-oblong wavy, acuminate, obtuse at base, or the lower cordate, mostly with red veins; pan. leafless except at base, whorls distant; pedicels shorter than fruit calyx; valves small, olovate-oblong, obtuse, 1 or 2 of them grain-bearing. - Waste places, N. States and Can. St. reddish, 2 to 3f high. Jl. § Eur. - In 3. viridis the veins are green.

9 R. obtusifolius L. Lower lvs. ovate obtuse, cordate, wavy on the margin, upper lance-oblong, acute or acuminate at each end, all petiolate; panicle leafy, whorls distant; pedicels as long as the fruit calyx; valves hastate-ovate, with 3 or 4 spreading, subulate teeth on each side, one valve chiefly grain-bearing. - N. Eng., Mid. and TV. States. A weed as unwelcome as the first, in fields, door-yards, etc. St. 2 to 3f high. Lvs. large (6 to 12' by 3 to 8'), sometimes red-veined. Jl. § Eur.

10 R. maritimus L. Golden Dock. Lvs. long-lanceolate, the lower abrupt at base, the upper attenuate-acute at each end; whorls dense-flowered, the lower sub-distinct, with linear bracts, upper confluent; pedicels filiform, longer than fruit calyx; valves rhombic-ovate, bearing 2 long, bristly teeth each side, with an acuminate point, all grain-bearing. -Order Ch Polygonaceae Sorrelworts Part 2 1498 Borders of brackish waters, Mass. to S. Car. Low (If) and much branched. Calyx in fruit yellowish green, densely clustered. Jl. (R. persicarioides Hook.)

11 R. piilcher L. Lower lvs. oblong, cordate, often fiddle-shaped, upper lanceolate, acute, obtuse at base; panicle leafy, whorls distant; pedicels shorter than fruit calyx, thickened; valves ovate-oblong, unequally grain-bearing, each with several straight, strong lateral teeth. -Order Ch Polygonaceae Sorrelworts Part 2 1499 About Charleston, S. C. (Elliott). Jn. Jl. § Eur.

12 R. Acetosella L. Field Sorrel. Sheep Sorrel. Lvs. oblanceolate-has-tate, about as long as the petioles, the auricles divaricate, oblong, a third as long as the blade, in the upper lvs. smaller or wanting; fls. dioecious, valves not increasing in fruit, nor grain bearing. -Order Ch Polygonaceae Sorrelworts Part 2 1500 A common weed in pastures and waste grounds throughout the U. S., preferring dry, hard soils. St. 6' to If high, leafy. Lvs. very acid, but pleasant to the taste. Fls. small, red or reddish, collected in pan-icled racemes, the valves destitute of granules. Stamens and styles on separate plants. Jn. - Aug.

13 R. Engelmanni Ledeb. Lvs. lanceolate or linear, hastate, the lower 2 or 3 times shorter than the long petioles, the auricles very small, acutish, many times shorter than the blade; panicles entirely leafless; fls. dioecious; valves increasing in fruit, orbicular-cordate, grainless. -Order Ch Polygonaceae Sorrelworts Part 2 1501 Ga., Fla. to Tex., also Mo. Sts. 1 to 2f high, much furrowed. Lvs. pale beneath. Fls. purple. (R. hastatulus Baldw. nec Campd.)

5. THYSANEL'LA, Gray. Calyx colored, 5-parted, lobes all erect, the two outer cordate-sagittate at base, the 3 inner smaller, pectinate-fimbriate; stamens 8; styles 3; achenia 3-angled, acuminate. - A smooth, erect herb, with the habit of Polygonella. (Polygonum, Ell.)

T. fimbriata Gray. - Pine barrens, Ga. and Fla. St. 2 to 3f high, terete, branched. Sheaths truncate, cylindric, entire, striate, fringed with long, soft, white bristles, bearing the leaf at top. Lvs. linear, parallel-veined, acute, 1 to 2' long. Fls. in crowded, panicled spikes. Bracts (sheaths) obliquely truncate, tipped with a long awn, 1-flowered. Cal. white, tinged with rose color. Jl. - Oct.