Herbs with simple, alternate, exstipulate leaves, with the solitary Flowers 5-mo-rous, the petals and stamens inserted on the throat of the calyx. Ovary free, 1-celled, with 3 parietal placentae; styles 3, distinct. Fruit a 3-valved capsule; seeds albuminous, strophiolate.

Genera 2, species ∞, confined (with one exception) to tropica. America. Properties, tonic and aromatic.

TURNERA, Plum. (In memory of Wm. Turner, M.D., author of "A New Herbal ," London, 1551.) Calyx funnel-form; petals convolute in aestivation, longer than the imbricated sepals; styles 3; stigmas flabellate, many cleft; capsule dehiscing to the middle. - Fls. showy, yellow.

T. cistoides L. riant hirsute, erect; fls. in the upper axils and terminal; ped. bractless but jointed near the middle; lvs. lanceolate, obtusely serrate or entire, subsessile. obtuse, the lower oblong-oval. -Order LVI Turneraceae 707 Ga. from Savannah, along the railroad, westward (Feay), Pond), and 11a. Sts. 12 to 18' high, simple or branched from the base. Lvs. 1 to 2 long. Fls. in a leafy, terminal rac. Ped. 9 ' long. Fls. dimorphous (some with the stam. longer, others with the pistils longer). Cor. 1' diam.. deep yellow. Caps. globular, downy. Sds, obovate, sculptured, the membranous caruncle lateral. Jn. - Sept.