1 D. Virginiana L. Procumbent, nearly glabrous or hirsute; sts. squarish ; lvs-lanceolate, sessile, entire; bristles of the stip. longer than the sheaths; Ms. solitary, opposite; cor. salver form, tube very slender, thrice larger than the cal. ; stam. exserted; style deeply 2-cleft, lobes filiform. - Ц Damp places, I11. to Ga. and La. St. 1 to 2f long, somewhat 4-sided. Lvs. 1 to 2' by 3 to 5", 1-veined, often with smaller ones fascicled in the axils. Cor. 6" long, hairy inside. May- September.

• ft. has ovate-lanceolate lvs. (D. tetragona Walt.) • y. has lance-linear, hairy lvs.; cor. 6" long. May - Sept. (D. hirsuta Ph.)

2 D. teres Walt. Erect or ascending, hairy or scabrous; lvs. linear-lanceolate, sessile, rough-edged, acute, much longer than the sheaths or fruit; fls. solitary, or several in each axil; cor. funnel-form, with a wide, tube, twice longer than the cal.; fl. somewhat hairy and 4-sided. - Sandy fields, N. J. to I11. (Mead) and S. States. Sts. rather rigid, simple, or branched, 5 to 18' long, brownish. Lvs. about 1' by 2". Cor. reddish white, shorter than the reddish brown bristles. Aug., Sept (Spermacoce diodina Mx.)

7. SPERMACO'CE, L. (Gr.Order LXVIL Rubiaceae Madderworts Part 3 828 , seed, Order LXVIL Rubiaceae Madderworts Part 3 829 , a point; alluding to the pointed seeds.) Calyx tube ovoid, limb 2 to 4-parted ; corolla tubular, limb spreading, 4-lobed ; stamens 4 ; stigma 2-cleft; fruit dry, 2-celled, crowned with the calyx, separating into 1 open and 1 indehis-cgnt carpel; seeds 2, peltate, furrowed on the face. - Mostly herbaceous and tropical. Fls. small, in dense, axillary, sessile whorls, or clusters.

1 S. glabra Mx. Glabrous, procumbent at base ; lvs. lanceolate, entire; whorls many-flowered; cal. 4-toothed (rarely 5); cor. funnel-form, short, hairy in the throat; anth. included in the tube; stig. subsessile. Ц River banks, W. States. St. 1 to 2f long, terete, with 4 prominent lines, branched. Lvs. 2 to 3' by 1/4 to 1', 'tapering to each end. Fls. white, 9 to 20 in a whorl, subtended by the subulate bracts of the stipules. Jl., Aug. - Resombles some of the Labiatae.

2 S. Chapmanii Torr. & Gr. Nearly glabrous; st. slightly 4-angled; lvs. ob-long-iaticeolate, attenuate to a petiole ; whorl3 dense-flowered ; cor. funnel-form, thrice longer than the cal.; stam. and slender sty. exserted. - River banks, Mid. Fla. (Chapman.)

8. HOUSTCTNIA, L. Bluets. (Dedicated to Dr. Win. Houston, the friend and correspondent of Miller.) Calyx tube ovoid-g'.obous, limb 4-toothed or-cleft, persistent; corolla tubular, much exceeding the calyx; limb 4-lobed, spreading; filaments 4, inserted on the corolla ; style 1 ; anthers and stigmas dimorphous, that is, in some plants, the former exserted and the latter included, in others the style exserted and anthers included; capsule 2-lobed, the upper half free, cells few (8 to 20)-seeded. - Herbs. Stip. connate with the petiole, entire. Fls. solitary or in cymes, white, purplish, or bluish.

§ Corolla salver- form, glabrous. Peduncles 1- flowered- terinal........

..Nos .1,2

- axillary...............

...Nos 3,4

§ Corolla funnel-form. Peduncles ∞-flowered, cymous. - Leaves lance-ovate...

......No. 5

- Leaves lance-linear..

Nos. 6, 7

1 H. coerulea L. Dwarf Pink. Innocence. Oaespitous; radical Ivs. ovate-spatulate, petiolate; sts. erect, numerous, dichotomous; ped. filiform. 1 to 2-flow-ered. - (2) An elegant little plant found in moist grounds, fields, and road-sides, Canada and U. S., often in patches. Cauline lvs. very small, opposite, lanceorate. Sts. very slender, forked, 3 to 5' high; each branch bearing a flower. Cor. pale blue, yellowish at the center, about 5" wide. May - Aug. (Hedyotis Hook. Oldenlandia, Gray.)

. mi'nor Mx. Branches and ped. spreading with a wide angle; fls. smaller

(3 to 4" wide). - The more common form in the S. States, Mar., April. (H patens Ell.)

2 H. serpyllifolia Mx. Cesspitous; sts. filiform, procumbent; lvs roundish -ovate, abrupt or subcordate at base, petiolate, ciholate; ped. terminal, very long; cor. lobes broad-oval. - Ц ? Springy places among the mts. of Car. and Tenn. Sts. very slender, weak, 6 to 12' long. Lvs. no larger than in No. 1 (of winch this may be but another variety). May - Jl.

3 H. minima Beck. Glabrous, simple or dichotomously branching; lvs. liaear-spalulate, much attenuated to the base ; ped. at first nearly radical, at length axillary, often not longer than the leaves; sds. 10 to 15 in each cell, oval, smooth, concave on the face. - (1) Prairies, etc. Mo., Tenn. to La. Very small and delicate, 1 to 3' high. Lvs. about 5" by 1". Fls. rose color, nearly as large as in No. 1, a. Mar. - May. (Hedyotis T. & G.)

4 H. rotundifdlia Mx. Procumbent, creeping, leafy; lvs, roundish-oval, abrupt at base, petiolate; fls. axillary, solitary, ped. mostly longer than the lvs.; caps, emarginate, few-seeded. - Ц Sandy, damp places, S. Car. to Fla. and La. Forms small patches. Sts. much branched, 2 to 5' long. Lvs. generally longer than the internodes, 3 to 4" diam. Fla white, about as large as in No. 1. Mar. - Dec

5 H. purpurea L. St. ascending, clustered, branching, 4-angled; lvs. ovate-lanceolate, 3 to 5-reined, closely sessile; cymes 3 to 7-flowered, often clustered; cal. segm. lance-linear, longer than the capsule - Mid. and W. States S. to Ala, (Eufala), in woods and on river banks. A very delicate flower, about If high. Lvs. 1 to 2' long, -J as wide. Cor. white, often tinged with purple. May - Jl. . (Hedyotis Hook.)

6 H. longifolia Gaert. Radical lvs. oval-elliptic, narrowed to each end; cauliiue linear or lance-linear, 1-veined; fls. in small, paniculate cymes.- Ц Dry hills, Can. to Ga. and Ark. Much more slender than the last. Sts. erect, 5 to 12' high, 4-angled, smooth or ciliolate on the angles. Lvs. 9 to 15" by 2 to 3", caul-ine sessile, rather acute at each end, all smooth. Fls. 2 or 3 together on very short pedicels, pale-purple, with deeper colored stria; in the throat Jn., Jl. (Hedyotis Hook.)

. texuifolia. St. very branching; lvs. Very narrow; ped. filiform; fls, smaller. (H. tenuifolia Nutt.) y ciliolata. Lvs. oblong-linear, rather obtuse, often filiate; branches mostly erect. - Banks of rivers and lakes, N. Y. to Ohio and Ky. Varies imperceptibly into a. (H. ciliolata Torr.)