Large trees or shrubs with simple or compound leaves, with flowers similar to those of the Mallow, except that the anthers are 2-celled and turned outwards. Fruit capsular, of 3, rarely 5 carpels.

Genera 24, species 130, all native of tropical regions. Here belong the huge Adansonia (Baobab) of Africa, and the Bombax (silk-cotton trees) of S. America, etc.

STERCULIA, L. (Sterculius was the name of a detestable Roman god; alluding to the bad odor of some species.) Calyx 5-lobed, sub-coriaceous; stamens monadelphous, united into a short, sessile cup; anth. adnate, 10, 15, or 20; carpels 5, distinct, follicular, 1-celled, 1 - ∞-seeded. - Trees with axillary panicles or racemes.

S. platanifolia L. Lvs. cordate at base, palmately 3 - 5-lobed, smooth; calyx rotate, reflexed. - Tree from China and Japan, cultivated at Savannah (Feay). A beautiful tree, with branching, axillary clusters of green fls. and leaves resembling those of the Sycamore. Jl. (Firmiana, Mars.)