Herbs, shrubs or frees, with leaves opposite, mostly pinnate (not dotted) and stipulate; flowers 4 or 5-merous, calyx imbricated and corolla convolute in aestivation. Stamens twice as many as petals, hypogynous, distinct, each often with a scale. Ovary compound; fruit and seeds as in Linacea.

Genera 9, species 100, generally diffused. The gum resin guiacum is derived from the genus Guiacum, also that extremely hard and heavy wood, lignum-vitae.

KALLSTROEMIA, Scop. Sepals 5, persistent; petals 5; stamens 10, with no scale, the 5 opposite the sepals defective, placed inside 5 hypogynous glands; styles united, stigmas 10-lobed; fruit at length separating into 10 1-seeded cocci.-Order XXXIII Zygophyllaceae Bean Capers 446 Prostrate and diffuse, with jnterpetiolar stipules and abruptly pinnate leaves.

K. maxima Torr & Gr. Lfts. 3 or 4 pairs, oblong or oval, slightly falcate, mucro-nate, the terminal pair largest; cocci gibbous at base, tubercled. Waste places, Savannah. Sts. pubescent, 1 to 2f long. Fls. yellow, axillary, solitary, pedunculate. Jn. - Sept. § W. Indies. (Tribulus maximus L.)