Trees or Shrubs, with alternate, exstipulate leaves and regular flowers. Calyx and corolla 4 or 5-merous, imbricated in the bud, deciduous; stamens 5, hypogynous, alternate with the petals. Ovary free, style single, stigmas 2 or more, cells or pla-centoe as many. Seeds numerous; embryo in fleshy albumen.

Genera 12, species 7S, chiefly from Australia.

PITTOSPORUM, Solander. (GrOrder XXXIX Pittosporaceae 476 pitch, Order XXXIX Pittosporaceae 477 seed; the capsule is resinous.) Sepals 5, deciduous; petals 5, conniving in a tube; capsule 2 to 5-celled, 2 to 5-valved; seeds pulpy. - Handsome evergreen shrubs.

P. tobira Leland. Lvs. coriaceous, smooth and polished, obovate, obtuse; caps. 3-valved. - This plant is hardy in the gardens, south, and common in the greenhouse, north. Lvs. entire, beautifully dark-green and shining. Fls. in terminal clusters, white, very fragrant.