3-D. quercifolia Benthe Plant glabrous and glaucous, paniculate-branched; Ivs paler beneath, petiolate, lower ample, bipinnatifid, upper oblong lanceolate, pin-natithl or entire; ped. as long as the calyx; segm. of the cal. lance-acuminate, longer than its tube.-Woods and thickets, N. Eng. to Ga. and Mich., common. St. tall, purplish, covered with a glaucous bloom, 3 to 5f high. Lvs. 4 to 8' long, sinuate or incised. Fls. large, and of a brilliant yellow, opposite and axillary, near the top of the stem, forming a loose spike. Cor. trumpet-shaped, near 2' long. Aug. (G. quercifolia Ph. G. glauca Eddy.)

4 D. pedicularia Benth. Pubescent or nearly glabrous, branched; lvs. ovate lanceolate, pinnatifid, with toothed or incised segments; pedicels longer than the hairy calyx, segm. tooth or incised, equaling the top-shaped calyx tube.-Dry hilly woods, Can. to Ga. and Ky., common. St. bushy, very leafy, 2 to 3f high, sprinkled with a woolly pubescence. Lvs. 2 to 3' long, divided like those of the subdentate or incised; ped. shorter than the hairy calyx, segm. toothed, longer

Louse-wort. Cor. rather bell-shaped, 15" long, the cal. 5". Aug. (G. pedicularia L.)

5 D. pectinata Benth. Very hirsute; lvs. lanceolate, pectinate-pinnatifid, segm.

. than the cal. tube.-Pine woods, Car. and Ga. Fls. as large as in the last. Jl,

. Aug. (G. pectinata Torr.)

29. GERAR'DIA, L. (In honor of John Gerard, an English botanist of the 16th century.) Calyx campanulate, briefly or narrowly 5-toothed ; cor. tubular, ventricous or subcampanulate, tube longer than the 5 broad, entire unequal lobes; sta. didynamous, in pairs, shorter than the corolla, length unequal; caps, obtuse, or briefly acuminate ; seeds ∞.-American herbs, rarely suffruticous. Lvs. opposite. Fls. axillary, solitary, purple or rose-color.


Otophtlla. Calyx segments longer than its tube, 2 anther* much smaller......

. .No. 1


gerardia proper. Calyx segments short, equal. Anthers all equal. (§)

§ Corolla bilabiate, upper lip very short, erect. Peduncles longer than corolla....

No. 2

§ Corolla lobes subequal, all spreading, throat usually hairy, (a)

a Loaves almost none, opposito scales instead. Flowers large..................

No. 3.

a Leaves all alternate. filiform. Flowers large, longe-stalked..............................

No. 4

a Leaves opposite. - Peduneles not longer than calyx...........................................

Nos. 5, 6

-Peduncles much longer.-Flowers large (about 9" long.)..........

Nos. 7, 8

-Flowers small (about 6" long)...

Nos. 9,19

1 G. auriculata Mx. Scabrous, hirsute, subsimple; lvs. ovate-lanceolate, mostly entire, upper auriculate at basa; fls. nearly sessile.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 10 1150 Penn. to Iowa and La.,

,in low grounds. A rough, rigid plant, 12 to 18' high. Lvs. 1' to 18" long, sessile, the floral with an oblong lobe on each side at base. Cor. dilated and spreading at mouth; lobes entire, rounded, purple, rarely white. Short stamens similar,

1 but twice smaller. Aug., Sept.

2 G. Mettaueri. Glabrous, slender, diffusely branched; lvs. linear-filiform, scarcely rough-edged; ped. filiform many times longer than the calyx which has •short, triangular teeth; cor. distinctly bilabiate, upper lip very short, emarginate, straight, vaulted, fringe-ciliate, lower lip of 3 broad, spreading lobes.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 10 1151 Wet sandy places, Middle Fla. (Dr. Mettauer). Sts. 1 to 2f high. Lvs. 5 to 12" long. Ped. 6 to 12' long. Fls. purple, with 2 yellow stripes in the spotted tube.

β ? clausa. Cor. tube dorsally compressed, throat closed by the inflexed upper lip.-With the others. Fls. light purple, γ ? nuda. Lvs. (except a few at the base) reduced to minute bracts, scarcely

1" long; fls. all terminal, rather smaller (5" long,) light purple.

3 G. aphylla Nutt. Erect, with slender branches, leafless, with few, remote, scarious scales or short bristle-like lvs; ped. bracteolato; cal. truncate, with minute, gland-like teeth; caps, globular, exceeding the calyx.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 10 1152 N. Car. to Fla and La. in wet places, coastward. Plant 2 to 3f high, often simple, with few flowers, or diffusely few-branched with many flowers. Fls. deep purple, middle size, lobes subequal, pedicels short, i. e., the bractlets are near the flowers. Jn., Jl.

4 G. filifolia Nutt. St. terete, diffusely branched; lvs. filiform, terete, alternate and much fascicled; ped. alternate, much longer than the lvs.; cal. teeth short, setaceously acute; cor. ample, smooth.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 10 1153 St. Mary's, Ga. to Apalachicola, Fla.

Plant rigid, 2 to 3f high. Lvs. never an inch long, always scattered. Ped. 1 to 2' long. Fls. numerous, large. Aug.-Oct

5 G. maritima Raf. St. angular; lvs: linear, fleshy, short, rather obtuse; fls. small; ped. scarcely as long as the truncate calyx; lobes of the cor. spreading, 2 upper fringed.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 10 1154 Salt marshes, along the Atlantic coast. Plant branched, 4 to 10' high. Lvs. 6 to 8" long, subterete and quite fleshy. Fls. about 6' long, inclined to be terminal. Caps, globular. Jl. - Sept.

6 G. purpurea L. St. angular, branched; lvs. linear, acute, scabrous on the margin; ped. shorter than the calyx which has a truncate tube with short seta-ceously acute teeth. Cor. ample, smooth or pubescent.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 10 1155 Wet grounds, N. Eng. to Fla. and La. Plant of varying form according to situation, 1 1o 2f high (2 to 4f South). Lvs. 1 to 2' long, often with smaller ones fascicled in the axils. Fls.

large, (1' long), purple, the ped, 1", rarely 2" long. Aug. (G. Plukenetii Ell?) β. fasciculata. Tall, with fascicles of smaller lvs. in the axils; cor. pubes cent, lobes ciliate.-S. States, common (G. fasciculata Ell).

7 G. aspera Doug. Sparingly branched; lvs. scabrous, long and narrowly linear, the floral exceeding the calyx; ped, twice longer than the calyx; cal. teeth lan ceolate, acute, nearly as long as its tube; cor. ample, smooth.Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 10 1156 Ill. to Iowa (Cousens), etc. Closely allied to G. purpurea. Sts, 1 to 2f high. Lvs. 18" to 2' long, rigid, rough. Cor. deep purple, about 1' long, not always smooth. Ped. 3 to 5". Aug.

6 G. linifolia Nutt St. terete, virgate, inclined, subsimple, several from the same base; lvs. opposite, smooth, thick, long, lance-linear, and linear, erect, the upper reduced to bracts; ped. many times longer than the calyx which is truncate, with scarcely any teeth.-N. Car. to Fla., in wet pine barrens. Sts. 2 to 3f high, terete. Lvs. 2 to 3' by 2 to 3". Cor. large, pubescent, its lower lip spotted. Aug.-Sept