33. RHINANTHUS, L. Yellow Rattle. (Gr.Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 12 1165 nose, Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 12 1166 alluding to the singular appearance of the compressed galea.) Calyx 4-toothed, ventricous; corolla tube cylindrical, as long as the calyx, limb ringent, galea appendaged, compressed, lip broader, deeply divided into 3 obtuse segments; capsule 2-valved, compressed, obtuse.- Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 12 1167 Erect, with opposite lvs.

R. Crista-galli L. Mostly glabrous; lvs. oblong or lanceolate; cor. scarcely a third longer than the calyx; appendages of the galea transversely ovate, broader than long.-Meadows, Plymouth, Mass. to Arc. Am. St. a foot high, smooth, branching. Lvs. opposite, nearly sessile, cordate-lanceolate, acutely serrate, rough. Fls. axillary, crowded into a leafy spike. Cal. inflated, contracted at the mouth, with 4 nearly equal teeth, and much shorter than the yellow, ringent corolla, but becoming very large and inflated in fruit, rattling with the ripe seeds. Jl. § Eur.

34. EUPHRASIA, L. Eyebright. (Named for Euphrosine, one of the Graces, meaning cheerfulness.) Calyx 4-cleft; upper lip of the corolla galeate, concave, apex 2-lobed, the lobes broad and spreading, lower lip spreading, trifid, palate not folded; stamens didynamous, ascending beneath the galea; capsule oblong, compressed, ∞-seeded.-Herbs with opposite lvs. and the fls. in spikes.

23. officinalis L. Lvs. ovate or oblong, the cauline obtuse, crenate, floral (or bracts) acute, cut-serrate with cuspidate teeth; cal. lobes subequal; lower lip of cor. with its lobes deeply emarginate.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 12 1168 A diminutive tenant of the White Mts. and Can., rare (common in Europe). Plant branched, slender, 2 to 6 high. Lvs. 1 to 3" long. Fls. bluish white, 3 ' long.

35. MELAMPY'RUM, L. Cow Wheat. (Gr.,Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 12 1169 black, Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 12 1170 wheat; the seeds blacken the flour of wheat if ground with it.) Calyx 4-cleft; upper lip of the corolla compressed; the margin folded back; lower lip grooved, trifid; capsule 2-celled, oblique, opening laterally; seeds 1 to 4, cylindric-oblong, smooth.-Herbs with opposite lvs. Fls. solitary in the upper axils.

M. pratense L. Lvs. linear and lanceolate, petiolate, glabrous, the upper generally broader and toothed at base; fls. axillary, distinct; cal. teeth slender, half as long as the corolla.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 12 1171 Inhabits woods, Can. to Ga. W. to Ky. St. with opposite branches, 8 to 10' high, round, erect. Lvs. opposite, 1 to 1 1/2' by 3 to 5", the floral ones broader, with (or without) setaceous teeth at base and tapering to an obtuse point. Fls. in the axils of the upper leaves, yellowish, slender, the corolla twice the length of the calyx. Jl. (M. Americanum Mx. differing from the European variety in its more slender corolla.)