1 M. sempervirens Ort. Glabrous; lvs. cordate-hastate, angular; ped. axillary. 1-flowered; cal. segm. lanceolate, glabrous.-An evergreen climber with large, pale, violet-purple fls. Cor. 1 1/2' long, the throat open, †

2 M. Barklayana Lindl Glabrous except the cal ; lvs. broodly triangular-cordate, or hastate; cal. segm. linear-lanceolate, clothed with long, glandular hairs.-A beautiful climber. Corolla purple, oblique, rather larger than in No. 1.

8. LOPHOSPER'MUM, Don. (Gr.Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 3 1087 a crest, Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 3 1088 seed; from the character.) Calyx 5-parted, leafy; corolla tube dilated upwards, throat open, between 2 hairy lines; capsule globular, subequal, opening irregularly by a rift below the apex.- Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 3 1089 Mexican, climbing by their petioles. Lvs. mostly alternate. Ped. long, flexuous, axillary.

1 L. erubescens Zuce. Lvs. triangular-cordate, coarsely dentate or angular-lobed, pubescent; cal. segm. ovate, hirsute; cor. pubescent, limb at length widespread.-A. hairy climber, with soft, rugous lvs. 2 to 4' broad. Cor. of a rich red, 2 1/2 to 3' long, with an ample border.

2 L. scandens Don. Lvs. cordate-ovate, acuminate, coarsely dentate, minutely puberulent; cal. segm. ovate-lanceolate; cor. glabrous, limb erect-spreading-Less hairy and with smaller flowers. Fls. scarlet

9. SCROPHULA'RIA, L. Figwort. (So named from the resemblance of the roots to scrofulous tumors.) Calyx in 5 acute segments; corolla subglobous, limb contracted, sub-bilabiate, lip with an internal, intermediate scale (sterile filament); capsule 2-cellcd; valves with 2 inflated margins.-Herba or suffruticous, often foetid. Lvs. opposite. Cymes in simple or compound terminal, thyreoid panicles.

S. nodosa L. Glabrous; st angled; lvs. ovate, ovate-oblong, or the upper lanceolate, acute, serrate or subincised, base broadly cordate or rounded or acutish; thyrse oblong, leafless or scarcely leafy at base; cymes pedunculate, loosely many-flowered; cal. segments broadly ovate, obtuse, slightly margined; sterile anth. a roundish, green scale on the corolla.-Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 3 1090 In woods and hedges, Can., and U. S. Rare in N. Eng. Stem 4-6f high, with paniculate, opposite branches above. Leaves 3-7' long, smooth, thin, often long-acuminate. Fls. ovoid, 3-4" long. Limb very small, of a dull olive color. July-Oct. (S. Marilandica L, and lance-olata Ph.)

10. CHELO'NE. L. Turtle-head. Snake-head. (Gr.Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 3 1091 a tortoise; from the appearance of the flower.) Calyx deeply 5-parted, with 3 bracts at base; corolla inflated, bilabiate, the fifth filament abortive, smooth above, shorter than the rest; anthers woolly ; caps, valves entire ; seeds broadly membranaceous, winged.- Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 3 1092 with opposite lvs., distinguished from Pentstemon chiefly by the seeds.

X C. glabra L. Smooth; lvs. subsessile, oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, serrate; fls. densely spiked.-A plant of brooks and wet places (Can. and U. S.), with flowers shaped much like the head of a snake, the mouth open and tongue extended. Stem mostly simple, 2f high, erect Lvs. of a dark and shining green above, with irregular serratures, sessile or nearly so. Fls. large, in a short, terminal, dense spike. Cor. white, often tinged with red, inflated, contracted at the mouth, with short, gaping lips. Aug., Sept

β. purpurea. Lvs. distinctly petiolate, acuminate; cor. rose-purple.-This variety prevails in the Western States. It is larger in its leaves and flowers.

Petioles 1/2-1' long. Flowers very fine. (C. purpurea Mill?) 2 C. Lyoni Ph. Smooth; lvs. ovale, acuminate, petiolate, serrate, the lower cordate; fls. in a dense spike.-N. Car. to Ga., along the Mts. Stem 1-2f high. Leaves 3-6' long, 2-4' wide, veins very prominent beneath. Fls. purple, 1' in length, similar to No. 1. The spike as in that species, often branches, becoming somewhat capitate. Jl.-Sept.

11. PENTSTE'MON, L. Beard-tongue. (Gr.Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 3 1093 five, Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 3 1094 a stamen; on account of the fifth large abortive stamen.) Calyx deeply 5-cleft; corolla elongated, often ventricous, lower lip 3-lobed, spreading; the fifth filament sterile, bearded, longer than the rest or about as long; anthers smooth; seeds ∞, angular, not margined.- Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 3 1095 rarely Scrophulariaceae Figworts Part 3 1096 , of N. America, branching, paniculate. Lvs. opposite. Fls. showy, red, violet, blue or white.

* Leaves dissected. Sterile filament, filament, bearded at the apex....................

No. 1

* Leaves undivided. - Sterile filament globrous or nearly so................................

Nos 2, 8, 9

-Sterile filamont bearded.-Lower lip bearded inside...............

Nos. 3,7

- Lower lip not bearded......................

Nos. 4, 5, 6

1 P. dissectus Ell. Minutely puberulent; lvs. pinnately parted, segm. linear, entire or few-lobed; panicle loose, with long, few-flowered peduncles: cor. somewhat bell-shaped, sterile filament bearded at the apex.-In Middle Ga. St. near 2f high. Leaf-segm. distant, rather obtuse, margins revolute. Cor 9 to 10" long, purple, resembling that of Gerardia, but curved. Jn., Jl.-Blackens in drying.

2 P. grandiflorus Fraser. Erect, glabrous and glaucous; radical lvs. petiolate, obovate-oblong, cauline broadly ovate or orbicular, sessile or clasping, all entire; panicle long, slender and racemous, interrupted; cor. broadly campanulate; sterile fil. dilated and puberulent at apex.-Ill., near Prairie du Chien (Riddell) and westward. St. 3f high. Fls. 1 to 3 together in the upper axils. Cor. 15" long, variously shaded with blue and purple.

3 P. pubescens Soland. More or less pubescent; radical lvs. ovate or oblong, petiolate, cauline lanceolate-oblong or lance-ovate, serrulate, sessile; panicle loose; cor. tube gradually dilated, lower lip plaited and bearded inside, upper lip shorter; sterile stam. longitudinally bearded.-River banks, bluffs, hills and barrens, Can. to Fla. (rare in N. Eng.). A handsome plant, 1 to 2f high. St. round, smooth below, supporting a loose, oppositely branched panicle of bluish-purple fls. Cor. 1' in length; the barren fil. broadest at end. Jn.